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Recruitment Notice of Gansu Branch of People's Daily Media Advertising Co., Ltd.

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment Companies

Business Manager (1)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Can formulate overall communication strategies and publicity plans based on major projects, activities, events and publicity priorities in each region (province / city / county);

2. Establish daily contact and communication with customers, promptly discover customer needs, timely and accurately recommend advertising resources of People's Daily and People's Daily newspapers to customers, and help to follow up the maintenance of business channels and customer relationships.

3. Strong expressive ability, can carry out client negotiation, project planning, communication, follow-up, etc. independently;

job requirements:

1.Under 40 years old, bachelor degree or above, solid, willing to study, keen market awareness and insight, good at innovation;

2. Possess strong political quality and overall outlook, can clearly understand the needs of customers, and timely find opportunities for communication;

3. Understand traditional media and new media, and be able to provide full category planning services according to demand;

4. Active thinking, with good communication, understanding and teamwork skills.

Recruitment process:

1. Receive the resume of the candidate (e-mail address :) gscmgg@126.com.

2. After the company has screened the interview candidates for the written test in the e-mail, the company will notify me by phone after the confirmation.

3. Office address: Room 8012, Lanzhou Newspaper Building, No. 299 Yannan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City; salary is based on basic salary plus performance can be discussed in person.

4. Deadline for registration: August 30, 2019.

Contact: Ms. Zhang 0931-6128019

(Responsible editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Wanting)
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