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Xi'an openly recruits 238 PhDs nationwide

release: 11-15 Category: Recruitment Companies

(China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Sun Haihua) The Organization Department of Xi'an Municipal Committee of Shaanxi Province and the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs of Xi'an recently issued an announcement to recruit 238 doctoral students for some institutions and enterprises nationwide. Most of the recruitment positions are professional and technical positions, with the majority in medical health and education.

Candidates must have Chinese nationality, be under 45 years of age, and obtain a full-time PhD degree and doctorate degree recognized by the State Education Administration. Recruitment assessment inspection is sufficient, no written examination is required. Organize and implement in accordance with the procedures of registration, qualification review, assessment and inspection, physical examination, publicity, and employment, and the specific work of recruitment shall be organized and implemented by each recruitment unit.

Once a candidate is hired, he or she must have worked continuously in the employer for more than 5 years and signed an employment contract with the employer in accordance with relevant regulations. The benefits enjoyed within 5 years include: no probation period, and regular salary adjustment after signing an employment contract. Each person will be paid an additional one month per year during the 5 year work period. From the beginning of the job, within the 5 year work period, Each level of government (development zone management committee) subsidizes 30,000 yuan per person for resettlement each year, and a total of 150,000 yuan for 5 years, exempt from personal income tax; promotion of senior professional and technical qualifications is not subject to the unit's position and quota restrictions, and priority assessment and Employment; enjoy the corresponding preferential policies formulated by the unit according to their actual conditions.

Source: China Youth Daily

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