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China Railway Construction Southwest Corporation's 2020 Campus Recruitment Sichuan University Station Ends Perfectly

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"u003Cdivu003Eu003Cpu003E moved from spring to autumn, and talked with each other every year. It was another year of school recruitment. On October 18th, China Railway Construction Real Estate Southwest Corporation's 2020 Innovative Campus Recruitment Symposium Chengdu Station ended perfectly at Sichuan University. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cp class =" "ql-align-center" u003E carefully prepares for a warm-hearted encounter u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E, as the last heavy talk of China Railway Construction Real Estate in Chengdu following Southwest Jiaotong University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, attracted hundreds of students from universities in Sichuan to participate .The scene was very popular. Outside the lecture hall, the students with resumes could not hold back their urgency, and they formed a long line early. U003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E The towering colleges and universities, De Wo Qun Fang. When the central government and Hundred Rivers University join hands, what will happen when they join hands? The spark? The opening video is the China Railway Construction Real Estate promotional video-"Architecture Affects China", which brings students into the development process of China Railway Construction Real Estate with dreams, feelings and missions intertwined. In the eager anticipation of everyone, preach Will officially start. U003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cp class = "ql-align-center" u003E 蓉城 Blooming The guests who attended the speech were ubinCu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E, and the guests who attended the seminar were Xiao Bin, deputy general manager of Southwest Company, and personnel from Southwest Company ’s human resources department, party and mass work department, and engineering planning department's plan operation department. Xiaobin, u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Southwest company ’s deputy general manager, made an opening speech. First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the school for the strong support and warm welcome to the classmates. Then, based on Tiejian ’s deep historical heritage, he talked about the heritage of the railway soldiers, and talked about the party and the state ’s commitment to state-owned enterprises. The position of “six strengths” profoundly explains the mission and role of China Railway Construction Real Estate as a meritorious central enterprise, the strategic significance of the construction of innovative talents, and the sense of pragmatism and responsibility of the people of Tiejian. I hope students Clear goals, firm choices, and face the work and life in the attitude of Tiejian's "practical and pragmatic, bear the responsibility." Finally, he and the University of Guangzhou to share the future, warmly welcome the University of Guangzhou to choose the iron construction, to join the iron construction And proud and proud of your choice. U003Cu002Fpu003Eu00 3Cp class = "ql-align-center" u003E predecessors gathered at the Grand Cafe Rongji u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E In the main lecture, Southwest Company's previous outstanding school admissions as the representative of the group school recruitment and publicity delegation, objectively and systematically introduced China Railway Construction and China Railway The development history of Jianjian Real Estate explained the development strength of the company's platform. Through a set of data and a group of pictures, it fully demonstrated the outstanding results of China Railway Construction Real Estate's innovation training system. I hope that when choosing a new starting point for their careers, students will not only pay attention to the benefits and rewards that the company can give, but also see the company's resource investment in future talent construction and training. China Railway Construction Real Estate's innovative training model has been tested in practice for many years, and it has been continuously improved and optimized to construct a clear career development path for the company's talents and create a highly competitive career development platform. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Next, another former innovation representative shared his own journey as the "Senior" of Sichuan University. As a beneficiary of the innovation training model, from two years in the workplace to one side, his personal experience outlines a freshman's growth in the company. Regarding how to make career choices, he hopes that students first consider three aspects-company platform, industry prospects, and company strength. "My choice is wise." He emphasized. "The passion that comes with self-confidence", "The challenge to the unknown is the only way to learn", the perfect school admissions training system and the loose fault tolerance mechanism have created a meticulous and hard working attitude for innovative school admissions. Recalling the daily, the mentor's unwavering teaching, the tirelessness in the classroom condenses the company's high attention to innovation, showing the company's willingness to lead the way, and the love of talented central enterprises. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E The student representatives of the 2019 internship camp share the unforgettable experience of participating in the Southwest Company's 2019 TOP internship camp with the theme of "China Railway Construction Real Estate and Innovation in My Eyes" as the theme. From the witness to the speaker, the role has changed to the front desk, and the same relationship with China Railway Construction Real Estate is inseparable. Sand table simulation, team collaboration, group display, senior sharing ... Each link is carefully set, incorporating interesting real estate knowledge and rich work practices. Behind the innovation training model is the company's sincerity as a student real estate guide. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cp class = "ql-align-center" u003E Q & A and mutual benefit win-win gift u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E China Railway Construction Real Estate Southwest Company also brought benefits to the students at the scene, three rounds of lucky draw, headphones, luggage, pass card, printer, etc. Gifts were sent out, and many students returned with a lot of smiles. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E The impromptu speech "What is my core competitiveness" has revived the atmosphere of the scene. Graduates have actively participated in the interactive link and actively seized the opportunity to show on the stage. There are both cross-professional postgraduate students, "learning tyrants", and independent management. Project master. "Learning ability", "spirit of hard work", "organization and coordination ability" ... in just 60 seconds, it showed the strength of college students and felt the light of the new generation on the spot. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Q & A session, the guests and the students had a cordial exchange and interaction. Regardless of the prospects for the development of the industry or the suggestions for career planning, in the face of questions, the responses of the guests were accurate, methodical, and fully demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, so that the students who attended the meeting were full and more determined. The choice in mind. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E has a lot of water and a lot of capacity. With the adjustment of the "7 + 7 + X" organizational structure of China Railway Construction Real Estate, China Railway Construction Real Estate's giant ship is ready to go. With the continuous growth of the innovative talent team, I will definitely inject fresh blood and vitality into the company's development. This will definitely show China Railway Construction's ambitious ambitions to become bigger and stronger, and the future can be expected. (Correspondent Wei Ting Yang Shuya) u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cdiv class = "pgc-img" u003Eu003Cimg src = "http: u002Fu002Fp3.pstatp.comu002Flargeu002Fpgc-imageu002F4f17f3fe401a4bffb1b2539b31c431d8" img_width = "China img_width =" Recruitment of Sichuan University Station's perfect ending "inline =" 0 "u003Eu003Cp class =" pgc-img-caption "u003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cu002Fdivu003Eu003Cp class =" ql-align-center "u003E hot press conference site u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cu002Fdivu003E" "-6slice (6) , groupId: "6751287330427896332
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