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[State-owned enterprise] China Xinxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. recruits Russian talents

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Original title: [State-owned Enterprise] China Xinxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. recruits Russian talents


China Xinxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and is a wholly-owned state-owned enterprise affiliated to China Xinxing (Group) Corporation. The company has the right to export munitions and logistics equipment. It is mainly engaged in the import and export of munitions and logistics equipment, as well as clothing and light industrial products. It is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise. Adhering to the business philosophy of "credibility first, quality first", in accordance with professional development ideas, we vigorously develop the military and civilian products markets, actively develop the military and civilian products import and export business, rely on high-quality products, professional foreign trade services, and abide by the contract. Reputation, has established long-term and stable military and civilian products exchange business with many countries in the world. In the past three years, the company's total annual import and export volume has remained above 800 million US dollars, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Job Offers:

北京市西三环中路17号 Company Address: No. 17 West Third Ring Road, Beijing

100036 Postcode: 100036

www.cxxc-china.com Website: www.cxxc-china.com

hr@cxxc-china.com Resume posting email: hr@cxxc-china.com

Recruiting positions:

8 foreign trade staff (full-time)

Job Responsibilities:

Can independently collect and organize product knowledge and information, make use of language advantages and foreign trade knowledge, and communicate with domestic and foreign customers. Negotiations, visits, quotations, approval of projects, signing of contracts, internal performance of contracts, implementation of sources of goods, and export declarations.

job requirements:

1. Good conduct, good health, cheerful personality, and pioneering spirit;

2. Both men and women;

3. French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian majors with a full-time undergraduate degree or above in 2019;

4. College English level 6 or above;

5. Fluent in business negotiation language and strong communication skills;

6. Those with knowledge of import and export trade can give priority consideration;

7. Skilled in using various office software;

8. Study and work carefully and meticulously, with quick thinking and strong sense of responsibility;

9, able to adapt to domestic and business trips;

10. For those who are outstanding, the conditions can be relaxed appropriately.

Special requirements for posting resumes:

籍贯、户口所在地、近期彩色照片、民族、身高、 政治面貌、各种奖励和实习经历等。 State and attach: place of origin, place of residence registration, recent color photos, ethnicity, height, political outlook, various rewards and internship experience, etc.

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