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How do I receive commissions for recruiting?

release: 07-20 Category: Recruitment Companies

The competition in the development of the economic industry is becoming more and more intense, and the demand for high-level management talents is also increasing. The headhunting industry has also followed the development of major industries and has become a resource pool for providing talents for enterprises. Headhunters believe that before looking for a headhunting company, they should first understand how the headhunting company charges and how it recruits commissions.

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1. Charge corporate customers

Many people mistake the headhunting company as an intermediary company, and the headhunting thinks there is a misunderstanding. How much do headhunters charge? Because headhunting companies are different from intermediary companies, headhunting companies will not charge individuals for recruitment; intermediary companies will need to charge for services provided; for example, individuals will be charged for job applications.

The headhunting company will not only charge individuals, but also provide professional career counseling and other related issues for job seekers, and recommend mid-to-high-end management talents for corporate clients, as well as a series of professional consultations such as talent evaluation, background investigation, and assistance in communication. Service; Compared with intermediary companies that focus on the low-end talent market, headhunting companies pay more attention to talent quality.

2. Charge after signing a contract with the enterprise

How do headhunting companies charge? Professional and regular headhunting companies will not rush to cooperate with corporate customers. Usually, after discussing the cooperation details with corporate customers, they will discuss cooperation plans and sign contracts. The company began to search for business needs.

As far as headhunting is concerned, it is valid for headhunting companies to start work after signing contracts with companies, because in the past cases, headhunting companies had individual corporate customers who commissioned headhunting companies to hunt for talents without prepayment. Afterwards, disputes were caused due to the issue of costs. Although this situation may occur in any industry, it is not inevitable, so headhunting companies need to sign a contract with the company before charging. And headhunting companies can prioritize work based on cost.

3. Charge after the trial period ends

Many companies are worried that headhunting companies cannot provide professional services, and they keep a mindless attitude towards headhunting companies. As a veteran of the industry, headhunters believe that companies that need talents need not have any concerns. How does the headhunting company charge? The headhunting company's charging method is collected by the headhunting company and the client company after signing the contract agreement, which is mainly the method of prepayment + balance; the balance is collected after the candidate's probation period ends; and The commission charged by a headhunting company is calculated based on the annual salary of the candidate's position, and the scope of the headhunting company's service is usually high-end talents, and the annual salary of the talents will not be too low.

Since the talents recommended by headhunting companies for corporate customers are all mid-to-high-end positions, and high-end talents will not arbitrarily submit resumes on a recruitment website or appear in the talent market, it is natural that there is a certain amount of recruitment for headhunting companies Difficulty. Therefore, it is understandable that headhunting companies charge higher fees.

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