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Why do some companies have been hiring new employees since they were founded? Do you know the reason?

release: 07-20 Category: Recruitment Companies

Many times we will find that some companies have been recruiting people since the day they were founded, and they have not stopped. Many people feel very strange. Does the company really lack people? Actually, this should start from the following reasons:

The first reason is that we will find that the companies that always recruit people are mostly sales companies. Why do the sales companies always recruit people? In fact, we all know that the sales industry is a very stressful industry. Many times the company recruits employees, some of whom have been working for one year, or half a year, or even three months, and there are employees who resign without a month. Therefore, the flow of personnel in the sales industry is very large, then the company constantly recruits people, it is not expected that the company's personnel due to resignation causes the company to be out of gear.

Of course, there are some companies that are doing very good performance and then expanding. At this time, they recruit recruits. Although a company constantly recruits people, there are good and bad aspects. We need to understand the company's talents from the actual situation. Know!

At this time, a friend said that our company is not a sales company, why is it constantly recruiting people? In fact, there is a small reason for this. That is to say, many times, the newcomers have been working for three or five years, or one or two years. Some employees have some rules and regulations on the company, and even some of the company. The process is very, very familiar, so they will not have much passion in the process of work. Many times there are policies and countermeasures in the company, but the company looks at the face of the old employees, and it is difficult to say anything, so the company is caught in a bottleneck and awkward situation, then at this time? Does the company recruit new employees? It will inject new energy into the company, and we will see a lot of new employees, who are very motivated and very passionate.

Of course, there is another reason. If the newly recruited employees surpass the old employees in terms of methods and performance, how do the old employees feel! A newcomer has overtaken me, can't I do a good job? So this is one of the reasons why the company keeps injecting new people. It is also a warning of the company. If you are not good at it, the company can find new people to replace you at any time. In fact, this is also a kind of encouragement and encouragement for the old employees.

I don't know how you feel after watching it? Is your company constantly recruiting new people?

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