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Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. announced the recruitment of 10 construction engineers

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Original title: Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. Announcement of the recruitment of 10 architects

Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. announced the recruitment of 10 construction engineers

Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Inner Mongolia Jinze Company") was established on April 6, 1992, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, and has a license to install (repair, test) secondary power facilities and power projects. Second-level qualification for general construction contracting. The company's main businesses are general contracting of power engineering construction, operation and maintenance of power transmission and transformation equipment, test and repair of electrical equipment, and construction of power metering projects. Over the years, the company has adhered to the tenet of "based on the market, serving customers, honesty and trustworthiness, innovation and dedication", and is now in accordance with the needs of business development, openly recruiting outstanding talents to the society.

I. Recruitment Scope

Public recruitment for the society, the hired personnel signed labor contracts with Inner Mongolia Jinze Company in accordance with the law, it is the employment contract system of Inner Mongolia Jinze Company to hire employees.

2. Job requirements and recruitment conditions

(1) Recruitment positions

There are 10 professional builders of Grade I and II mechanical and electrical engineering, mainly engaged in the construction and management of 220kV and below voltage transmission and transformation projects.

(II) Recruitment conditions

1. Basic literacy

Abide by national laws and regulations, have good ideological and moral qualities, love and work with dedication, have a good team awareness and communication and collaboration skills, have a solid professional foundation, good health, and all adapt to post illness.

2. Age requirements

The age is 35 years old or younger (born after January 1, 1984). The age of particularly outstanding people can be relaxed to 40 years old (born after January 1, 1979).

3. Educational requirements

College degree or above, whichever comes first.

4.Practice certificate requirements

Hold the qualification certificate of the first and second grade mechanical and electrical engineering professional builders that have not been registered or hold the license certificate of the first and second grade mechanical and electrical engineering professional builders but have been registered but can transfer the registered unit, one of the above conditions is in compliance with the requirements for a license .

Recruitment process

Post recruitment information → applicant registration → qualification review → examination → physical examination → publicity → employment.

(1) Post recruitment information

Inner Mongolia Jinze Company released recruitment information on Inner Mongolia Talent Network.

(B) Application of candidates

Candidates log in to Inner Mongolia Talent Network to download the "Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. Recruiter Registration Form", fill in the relevant information and sign it, and submit the original "Registration Registration Form", the recent one-inch 4 crownless photos, the second-generation ID card, Copies of materials such as graduation certificate, degree certificate, student status verification report, first- and second-class mechanical and electrical engineering professional qualification certificates are mailed to Inner Mongolia Jinze Company, and electronic versions of the above materials (registration form, photos, student status verification report) and scanned The electronic version (identity card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, qualification certificate of professional construction engineer of first and second level mechanical and electrical engineering) will be sent to the designated mailbox to complete the registration.

Registration date: July 15, 2019 to July 19, 2019.

Registration Deadline: The date on which the applicant's electronic and scanned electronic materials are sent to the designated mailbox shall prevail. After receiving the above-mentioned electronic materials, Inner Mongolia Jinze Company will reply “The letter you sent to me has been received, thank you”. The applicant has successfully registered.

In the follow-up recruitment, Inner Mongolia Jinze Company will notify by email or SMS. Please keep the communication method accurate and smooth.

(3) Qualification review

Qualification review is conducted in accordance with the registration conditions to determine candidates for the written test.

(D) examination

Divided into written test and interview. Exam address and time will be announced separately.

Written test

The main test is the comprehensive quality of the applicants, which includes a comprehensive quality ability test, computer applications, and basic knowledge of the construction engineer. There are a total of 100 points, which is 60% of the overall score.

2. Interview

The interview is semi-structured, with a total score of 100 points, accounting for 40% of the overall score.

(V) Physical examination

Candidates for medical examinations will be determined based on the comprehensive results of the examinations, and medical examinations will be conducted at designated medical institutions at their own expense.

(6) Publicity

Publicize according to the comprehensive test results and physical examination results.

(7) Determine the candidates

Candidates are to be selected based on the results of the announcement.

(8) Employment

After examination and approval, the hired personnel shall be notified to complete the employment procedures and sign the labor contract. The probation period is 1 month.


The salaries of hired personnel include basic wages, license subsidies, bonuses, and project construction subsidies; enjoy statutory holidays prescribed by the state; and pay "five insurances and one fund".

Five, related instructions

(1) After submitting the resume, the applicant authorizes and agrees that Inner Mongolia Jinze Company shall verify the relevant information through background check.

(2) Candidates shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the application materials. In case of discrepancy with the facts, Inner Mongolia Jinze Company has the right to cancel its qualifications.

(3) The information of the unselected candidates will be kept in the talent pool of Jinze, Inner Mongolia, and will not be returned.

(D) During the recruitment period, Inner Mongolia Jinze Company will contact the applicants by email, mobile phone and other methods. Please keep the communication open and reply in a timely manner. During the recruitment process, within the time limit for the notification, registration, qualification examination, examination, physical examination and other matters issued by Jinze Company of Inner Mongolia, those who fail to attend the relevant procedures on time or do not reply to the confirmation shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications.

(5) Jinze Company of Inner Mongolia will not charge any fees for this recruitment.

(6) Jinze Company of Inner Mongolia has the final interpretation right for the entire recruitment activity within the scope permitted by law.

Contact Information

Zip code: 024000

Mailing address: Chifeng No. 4 Middle School in the middle section of Hada Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City, passed Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Contact person and telephone number:

Sun Jianlong: 0476-8203895; 13734767610

Email: cfjzgs0476@163.com

Attachment: Registration Form

Inner Mongolia Jinze Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd.

July 15, 2019

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