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Shanghai Recruitment | Suzaku Fund Management Co., Ltd. Recruitment

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Original title: Recruitment in Shanghai | Suzaku Fund Management Co., Ltd. Recruitment


Company Profile

Zhuque Fund Management Co., Ltd. ("Suzaku Fund") is a national public fund management company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Investment fund management, fund sales, specific client asset management and other businesses permitted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

On October 25, 2018, Suzaku Fund completed business registration. On January 31, 2019, Suzaku Fund obtained the License for Operating Securities and Futures Business issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

In the context of Chinese traditional culture, Suzaku is an endless spirit beast and an auspicious blessing on earth. We are named because we want to accompany the development of China's capital market. Suzaku is willing to be a "spirit beast" that continuously creates value, advocates the values of "transparency, trust, passion", upholds the investment philosophy of "conservative, focused, innovative, and speculative", and practice "being an industry expert and understanding the company like an insider Investment practices.

Suzaku Fund will be committed to becoming the leading domestic fund management company with "active investment as the mainstay, supplemented by quantitative investment, supplemented by equity investment as the core, and fixed income investment as the supplement". On the basis of continuously expanding the circle of capabilities and continuously improving the research and development capabilities of the industry chain, the Suzaku Fund will focus on mining superior companies that have the potential to become "world champions of the future world" and "China's best tomorrow", providing depth to the market Fund products that benefit from China's economic transformation and development, and fully share the growth dividends of domestic high-quality listed companies, enrich the choice of investors' financial asset allocation. The Suzaku Fund is willing to be a spirit beast that continues to create value, adhere to active asset management, support China's social reform and innovation, and share the era's alpha with investors.

Fixed Income Department Intern

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist in completing the research on fixed income investment varieties, collecting and sorting out relevant data of credit analysis;

2. Assist in research and analysis of macroeconomic data;

3. Use data analysis software to program the data;

job requirements

1. Master degree or above;

2. Finance, economics, mathematical statistics and other related majors;

3. Has strong data analysis and sorting ability, and proficient in programming is preferred;

4. Those who pass relevant business qualification examinations (such as CFA, CPA) are preferred;

5. Have good communication and coordination ability, team collaboration ability and execution ability, work diligently and responsible;

6, can be on the job for more than 3 days per week, continuous internship for more than 3 months.

- contact details

hr@rosefinch.cn Interested parties please submit your resume to email: hr@rosefinch.cn





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