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Shanghai Xinyi Vientiane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Recruitment

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Original title: Recruitment of Shanghai Xinyi Vientiane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.



Company Profile


Shanghai Xinyi Vientiane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise under the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Xinyi integrating scientific research and manufacturing, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company was formerly known as the national capitalist Huang Chujiu. The Sino-French pharmacy was founded in 1890 and has a history of 125 years.

The company has two pharmaceutical manufacturing bases and a municipal pharmaceutical technology development center. The company mainly produces soft gel pills, hard capsules, tablets, granules and other dosage forms mainly for cardiovascular, with more than 70 drug approvals. Among them, Tyres, Lainopril, Tianerxin Tablets, Chenxianglu Bailu Tablets, Famotidine Capsules, Omeprazole Enteric Capsules, Erythromycin Enteric Capsules, Oyster Calcium Carbonate and other products have been rated for many years. Famous brand products in Shanghai. The product sales network covers all domestic provinces and cities, and is exported to Southeast Asia and South Africa and other international markets.

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "hundred years of prosperity, vientiane renewal" and the business philosophy of "adhering to integrity, focusing on performance, innovative value, and always striving for the first place", the company has won the eighteenth Shanghai civilized unit award, and was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. .

Recruitment positions

Administrative Clerk

Undertake official seal management

1.1 Undertake the management and custody of the corporate seal and comprehensive seal. Texts that need to be stamped are reviewed and approved by the department manager and registered with the seal;

2. Undertake publicity work

2.1 Undertake the update and maintenance of the company's internal publicity column, so that it can be updated in a timely manner daily;

3. Undertake conference management

3.1 Assist leaders to receive important guests of the company;

3.2 Organize the company's internal conference work and organize the clearance work after the meeting;

4. Undertake party branch and trade union organization work

4.1 Undertake the establishment of the annual "six-members" trade union and the annual "six-one" party branch, prepare the creation materials and pass the expert evaluation;

4.2 Maintain "two new interactions" website information and upload company news in a timely manner;

4.3 Maintain the “Civilized Unit” style display section, and upload company news to the website regularly;

4.4 Responsible for the application of mutual assistance insurance for incumbent employees in May each year; in July, female employee group mutual assistance protection, special critical illness group mutual assistance protection, and group accident injury insurance mutual assistance protection are insured;

4.5 Cooperate with party branch secretary and union chairman to do unit party branch and union related matters;

5. Undertake logistics management

5.1 Undertake the management of the laundry room, ensure that the production of clean clothes, production shoes, production bags and other clothing is washed clean, ensure that the production workshop is not disconnected, and make original records;

5.2 Undertake the management of the company's environmental hygiene work, urge employees to do a good job of cleaning, and maintain the sanitation of the factory area and the cleanliness of public parts;

5.3 Supervise the greening maintenance company to maintain and trim the company's greening to ensure that the company's greening is beautiful;

5.4 Responsible for the company's sewer dredging work;

6. Undertake administrative work

6.1 Collect unit data on a regular basis, do a good job of collecting, sorting, reporting and writing annual social responsibility reports for civilized units;

6.2 Receive and organize external documents and faxes, and distribute relevant letters to the relevant functional departments;

6.3 Responsible for the organization and filing of the health files of all employees of the company, and the filing of office files;

6.4 Organize daily mail, number and register registered mail and EMS express to prevent mail loss;

6.5 Undertake monthly attendance of the department;

6.6 Undertake the collation, summary and reimbursement of various expenses, including fares, conference expenses, office expenses, maintenance expenses and various expenses;

7. Quality responsibility

7.1 Ensure that the foreign documents or notifications from the drug supervision department and other departments are timely fed back to the quality assurance department;

7.2 Ensure that the telephone consultation related to product quality or adverse reactions is returned to the quality assurance department;

7.3 Ensure that any abnormalities related to quality are found and communicated with the Quality Assurance Department in a timely manner;

7.4 Complete the washing of the articles in accordance with the regulations to ensure that all articles meet the production requirements;

7.5 Ensure that relevant documents of medical examination and laundry room are revised in time;

7.6 Ensure the sanitation of the office and public areas of the plant area;

8. Take charge of attendance management of department employees

9. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

contact details

Email: hr@sine-wx.com

Contact address: No. 217 Zhaozhong Highway, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Postcode: 201703




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