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The second batch of recruitment time for Anhui Electric Power Company in 2020

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Original title: 2020 Anhui Power Company's second batch of recruitment time

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Question 1: Has the first batch of national grid exams been scheduled? Is it the same day as the national exam?

Answer: The written test time is December 10th. If the time changes, the State Grid Corporation will make a notice. Yes, it is the same day as the national test.

Question 2: Regarding the examination arrangement, is the State Grid Corporation examination taken in the morning or afternoon?

Answer: The National Grid Examination last year was a major that arranged morning exams and afternoon exams according to the professional category. According to statistics, all companies arrange morning exams for graduate students in electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications, and accounting. Test time: 9:00 -12: 00, afternoon exams for electrical engineering undergraduate, other engineering, finance, management and other majors will be arranged. The test time is 15: 00-18: 00.

Reminder: Due to the large changes in the outline of the National Grid this year, 13 major categories have been added. Therefore, the specific examination schedule is expected to be the same as that of previous years. All other majors will be scheduled for afternoon examinations. The above are only small. The speculations compiled are for reference only.

Question 3: I filled out my resume and volunteered during the first batch of registration of State Grid. If I have passed the online application and did not take the exam, will it affect the second batch of registration?

Answer: If you plan to apply for the National Grid in the second batch, you can also try it in the first batch of registration. If you also pass the screening of your resume, that is, after passing the online application, you will be notified by text message whether you agree to participate in a certain A written test organized by a company. If you agree to participate, please reply "Yes". By default, you will not participate if you do not reply. As long as you do not violate the issue of integrity, it will not affect the application for the second batch. Because State Grid will arrange the test room according to the number of people who agree to take the written test. Imagine that if many people agree to take the written test, as a result, many people will be absent from the test on the day of the test. Anyone taking the exam?

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