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Guiyang Recruitment | Guizhou Blasting Engineering Co., Ltd. Recruitment (Personnel Assistant)

release: 06-29 Category: Recruitment Companies

Original title: Guiyang Recruitment | Recruitment of Guizhou Blasting Engineering Co., Ltd. (Personnel Assistant)


I. Company profile

Guizhou Blasting Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and was originally part of the Guizhou Province Water Conservancy System. A Grade II (operating) blasting engineering company managed by the Guizhou Public Security Department. Since the establishment of the company, he has participated in many important engineering projects: Guiyang City Rail Transit Line No. 2 and No. 4 Blasting Excavation Engineering (Prosperity in the City, Underground Blasting in Complex Sections), Chongqing-Qiangzhou High Speed Railway from Zunyi Section tunnels, culverts, subgrade blasting excavations, etc. At present, our company has developed into a large-scale secondary blasting company with high visibility and influence in Guizhou Province. The company now has 15 directly-owned engineering projects including Zunyi, Xifeng, Wangmo, Zhenfeng, Bijie, Jinsha, Pingba, Qingzhen, Baiyun, Guanshan Lake, Weining, Lu'an, Meitan, Bozhou, Duyun, etc. Department and a dangerous goods transportation company (Guizhou Yagang Xingyun Dangerous Goods Transportation Co., Ltd.), due to the company's development needs, the following personnel are specially employed:

Recruiting positions

Personnel Assistant

I. Duties

File management

Turnover Management

Club office software, major in human resource management or related human resource management experience, careful and responsible, driver's license is preferred

3000-4000 yuan, pay the five insurances in full, holiday + welfare, year-end award to provide accommodation

1. Contact : Ms. Liang

2. Contact number : 0851-85767620

3. Business address Back to Sohu, see more


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