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Recruitment 丨 Tianjin Haocai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. Recruitment Brochure

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Original Title: Recruitment 丨 Tianjin Haocai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. Recruitment Brochure


Haocai Digital Printing is a large-scale graphic fast-printing chain agency specializing in digital output. It aims to truly provide you with a comprehensive, one-stop, standardized solution for "print on demand". Haocai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is a gold brand in the Tianjin digital printing market. It has established a network of fast print chains in Tianjin, and uses the latest technology and business concepts to share the convenience brought by high technology with you. The company's main business includes digital color / black and white printing, document binding, bidding, interior photo printing, renderings, company profile, product promotion, business cards, stickers, personalized calendars, etc.

Cai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. (referred to as Haocai) is a large-scale professional graphic printing company engaged in digital output. It has hundreds of professional advanced printing equipment that are in line with international standards, with total assets of tens of millions of yuan. Its market share in Tianjin digital printing is more than 60%. Through its unremitting efforts to provide customers with 24 hours of uninterrupted professional printing services, Haocai has developed into a leader in Tianjin's digital printing industry and has a high market recognition and reputation in the domestic digital printing field.

For a long time, Haocai is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive, one-stop, standardized solution for "on-demand printing", and has won a good market reputation with a consistent attitude of innovation, integrity, enthusiasm and professionalism The respect and praise of customers and peers.

Recruitment positions

Cashier at the front desk

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for receiving customers, product quotation and cashier work;

2. Working experience in digital print shop is preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete the typographical requirements and modify the related graphics according to customer needs;

2.Complete scanning, copying, transmitting, printing, and drawing according to customer requirements;

3. Use Word / excel / photoshop / illustrator and other typesetting software for graphic and text typesetting and proofreading;

1 Serious work, responsible, attention to detail

2 Mild attitude and strong sense of service

3 Good team spirit and strong communication skills

4 will use basic software related operations


Strong hands-on ability, relevant work experience is preferred.

Salary : 3000-5000 yuan

Once the above positions are hired, a labor contract is signed and the five insurances are unified.

Phone: 15922153412 Sister Lu

Email: haucaid@163.com Back to Sohu, see more


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