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Recruit 100 People | China UnionPay Campus Recruitment!

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Original Title: Recruit 100 People | China UnionPay Campus Recruitment!

2020 Bank Autumn Recruitment Group 724560827

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China UnionPay Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China UnionPay") is a bank card joint organization approved by the State Council. It was established in March 2002 and is headquartered in Shanghai. China UnionPay is mainly committed to the construction of China's independent bank card brand, bank card acceptance network system and comprehensive payment service platform.

Recruitment object

Full-time undergraduate and above students in management, humanities and social sciences, and engineering and technology science related majors in domestic colleges and universities in 2020


Recruitment positions

Recruitment information is as follows:


Recruitment conditions

(1) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, love the motherland, abide by disciplines and laws, and have no bad records.

(2) Education and related requirements:

With a full-time undergraduate degree or above, the training method is unified recruitment (excluding targeted and commissioned graduates), can graduate before July 2020, and apply for graduation certificate, degree certificate, employment registration certificate, "three certificates" complete".

(3) Excellent academic performance, with a high ranking in this major and no unqualified subjects.

(4) The overall quality is good. Generally, it should have management experience of student associations, and it has won scholarships and other relevant honorary titles.

(5) With strong learning ability, communication ability and teamwork spirit, can withstand strong work pressure.

(6) Good morals, physical and mental health, and physical and mental conditions for performing work duties normally.


Recruitment Process

Recruitment procedures include resume submission, primary selection, written examination, interview, internship, physical examination, and employment contract signing.

业”。 Interested students are requested to submit their resumes to the China UnionPay recruitment mailbox: zhaopin@unionpay.com, and indicate "function management intern—name—school—professional ”.

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