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Matsue University Town 2020 Campus Recruitment Fair Successfully Held

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Original Title: 2020 Campus Job Fair in Songjiang University Town Held Successfully

Recently, the 2020 New Graduate Talent Recruitment Fairs of major universities in Songjiang University City were successfully held in the Big Eyes Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts. This job fair was co-organized by Xianzhao.com and universities.

On the day of this job fair, more than 1,200 job seekers were received. Undergraduate and tertiary education accounted for the largest proportion, and over 360 people reached preliminary intentions with the recruitment companies. It is reported that a total of 218 enterprises and institutions launched more than 3,600 jobs at this event, and attracted Dahua Group, Orui Auto Parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd., and Dias (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. Company, Feidiao Electric Group Co., Ltd., Hejing Taifu Group China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd., Ping An Group, Shanghai Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd., Sony (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd., China Pharmaceutical Group and other well-known domestic companies participated. The positions provided by employers involved IT, construction engineering, product research and development, media, marketing and other fields. Among them, Shanghai Jianong, Dahua Group, China Pharmaceutical, Ping An Group and other well-known companies have many candidates before their booths. The staff of the Shanghai Construction Workers' Human Resources Department said that this recruitment activity is rich in human resources and interviewed many potential candidates at the scene.

Crowd at the job fair

Job applicants line up for job interview

In order to better serve the recruitment needs of employers, the staff of Xianzhi Recruitment Network interpreted the use of online recruitment techniques and the use of big data recruitment methods on the spot, and received unanimous praise from employers. Yinxian Recruitment Network (formerly Talent Employment Network) is committed to solving the problem of recruitment channels for SMEs. It is one of the service providers that can provide omni-channel recruitment in China. It has gathered talents from many mainstream recruitment websites in the information industry and finance. , Education and training, trade logistics, manufacturing, modern service industry, marketing and other fields have strong service advantages. For more than ten years, Xianzhao.com has been deeply involved in the field of talent recruitment and network vertical industry services, and has achieved talent intelligence through the construction of recruitment maps for various industries. At present, it has helped more than 800,000 recruitment companies to implement artificial intelligence recruitment applications. Help companies reduce recruitment costs.

In addition to the traditional negotiation and matchmaking and employer promotion activities, a small gift gift link was added to the job fair. A free analgesic moxibustion post was given to the HR of job seekers and HR recruiting companies. Staff welcome.

On-site personnel receive small gifts

After the job fair, there are still some small gifts that have not been distributed

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