On the afternoon of December 5, Sunshine College held a 2020 graduate large-scale campus supply-demand meeting and an alumni company job fair. A total of 236 households came to the school to recruit talents and provided 3,776 jobs. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the school has spelled out more than 200 corporate booths into a "70". The unique on-site layout has also attracted many students to observe and study in preparation for future job applications.

"Making the booth of the company into '70', I participated in so many college campus recruitment fairs, the most innovative and innovative." Ms. Zhang Qiaomei, HR of the exhibiting company Fuzhou Juchunyuan Exhibition Hotel said. "This year's job fair is not only creative but also high-quality." Ruo Chen, a 2016-year finance student at Sunshine College, was excited, and she looks forward to finding the right job in this job fair.

It is reported that this job fair received a total of 5,361 students' resumes submitted online and offline, and has initially reached 639 employment intentions. It is the most effective campus recruitment in the past year. Some employers will also arrange a special job fair to be entered into the school later, so that students can better understand the job positions and better promote the smooth employment of graduates.

(Contributed by Chen Yuehong, Lin Luoyu, Zhou Guolingzhi, Sunshine College)