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North American International Students Looking for Jobs: How to Get Opportunities in Campus Recruitment?

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Original Title: North American Job Search Series (26) -How to Get Opportunities in Campus Recruitment

Canadian universities generally have campus recruitment in September every year. How can I show my strength in the school recruitment and increase the chance of getting an offer?

I have been in Canada for more than nine years, and I am now a certified public accountant in a Canadian Big Four accounting firm. Recalling my experience of studying and applying for a job in Canada, I have a lot of emotions. I remember when I came to Canada, I was studying in a college and then transferred to the University of Saskatchewan after graduation. This should be a very important step in my life experience and laid the foundation for my future career development and immigration to Canada.

At that time, I was studying accounting, and after a careful search, I found that only four universities in Canada have graduate students in accounting, and the University of Saskatchewan is the only university in Western Canada that has this program. It should be more advantageous. Especially at that time, there was a provincial government immigration project in Saskatchewan. If a student can find a corresponding job after graduation, he can apply for immigration through the provincial nomination project within six months. Both advantages made me decide to apply for further study at the University of Saskatchewan.

I am studying in Ontario and apply for universities in other provinces separately. However, because Canadian universities have a complete credit transfer system, transfer is relatively easy. For students who want to transfer, the previous courses must be consistent with the college course they are applying for in order to obtain credits, and transfers generally lose a few credits. But if the new school is helpful for my future study and life, I think it is worth considering. And applying to college in Canada is much easier than applying from China.

After entering university, I started to accumulate some work experience for myself, because I learned that during school time, if I can have some work experience, it will be helpful for future development. Since I didn't have any work experience at first, it was difficult to find the first job, especially applying online. So I adopted a strategy at that time. As soon as I saw someone hiring, I went directly to the store to ask if I needed someone. So I quickly found a few part-time jobs and gained some introductory work experience.

During the second semester, I continued to work while studying. At the same time, I started to pay attention to professional-related job opportunities. By chance, a professional teacher told me that he was looking for an assistant on a project. I was very interested and took the initiative to send a resume to the teacher. Since my experience of working outside the school made the teacher feel that I had a certain working ability, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be an assistant to the teacher.

In the next summer vacation, I helped the teacher to do some basic data work. I learned a lot of things other than work, such as what was my job search direction in the last year, how should I write a resume, etc. These valuable experiences and The suggestions have worked well in my future job search.

I started preparing my resume very early. There is a campus recruitment in Canada every September. Many employers come to school to introduce students to their company and let students show their abilities. The entire school enrollment process and time are very compact. If everything goes well, the offer will be issued before mid-October. I started preparing my materials at the end of August, and had more time to communicate with employers to show myself when the school recruitment started.

So how to fully express yourself when recruiting at school and increase the chance of getting an offer? I personally think that first of all, you need to have a good understanding of yourself. Before you submit your resume, you should first understand the target company. According to the company's requirements, introduce your advantages through specific examples. This is simpler than introducing what I have learned and what I have done. Impress employers even more. Therefore, my suggestion is that when senior students prepare to participate in school recruitment activities, they must prepare their own short stories in advance so that they can leave a good impression on employers before submitting their resumes. Then enter the routine to write a resume. Every university has a service to provide students with career guidance. Students should use these resources as much as possible, and their resumes should simply and effectively reflect their advantages.

In addition, it is necessary to remind all freshmen that when they are recruiting, do not invest in the sea, that is, send each resume to the company. Instead, it is necessary to analyze and determine which company is more likely to accept themselves based on their personal experience and the geographical environment of the company. For example, companies in central cities want many students to go, and the competition is naturally fierce; companies in remote areas do not have many students wanting to go, and competition is less. As an international student, you can consider investing more and have a higher chance of success. Of course, many students will also consider applying for immigration after graduation, so when you find a job, you should consider what advantages you have; which company may be easier to enter, and whether the company will help you in the future immigration.

I applied my resume in this way and got many interview opportunities. The interview process is a process in which both parties understand each other. Of course, there are some small skills, such as knowing the company to go to the interview in advance, but the most important thing in the interview process is to show your true self, not to create an illusion for the interview. Only the true self can make the company more clearly understand whether you are the talent they want to pick and can be accepted by the company they want to go to.

In general, from the entire process of my transfer to finding a job after graduation, I have a relatively clear purpose. Whether I choose the University of Saskatchewan or try to find various internship opportunities in order to accumulate experience, it is all for the ultimate Find professional work to be fully prepared. Because in Canada, people from all walks of life value people who can both learn and work.

Therefore, I suggest that every college student should prepare in advance, find a job while studying, and start accumulating Canadian local experience from ordinary work, and then accumulate relevant experience step by step, and then use these experiences to apply for formal work. Of course, pay attention to practicing some tips for job interviews. Under the premise of fully understanding themselves, it is easier for students to find jobs after graduation, and then they can consider the issue of immigration.

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