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Shandong Transportation Technician College Holds 2019 Winter Campus Recruitment Fair

release: 11-30 Category: Campus Recruitment

People's Daily Linyi, November 29th. In order to do a good job of winter campus recruitment in 2019, a two-way selection platform for students and employers was set up. On November 26th, Shandong Transportation Technologists College held a special campus recruitment fair for the School of Automobile and Business School. This job fair attracted nearly a hundred companies from across the province to recruit in schools and provided nearly 2,000 jobs for students.

At 9 am, the job fair officially started. Classmates lined up in an orderly manner under the leadership of the teacher. The recruitment scene was crowded with crowds of students in front of each recruitment booth, and some recruitment queues even lined up. Employers meticulously answered questions for employment students, and many students filled out interview information.

The employers recruited this time involve the fields of automobile, computer, sales and accounting. Participants include well-known enterprises in and outside the province such as SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., Guanghui Automobile Service Group Co., Ltd., Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Yuantong Automobile Trade Group Co., Ltd. Many employers have stated that the college students have high comprehensive qualities and strong practical ability. Previous graduates have performed well in all aspects of corporate employment. Therefore, they have come to the school to recruit again and hope to recruit more talents.

During the activity, the vice secretary of the party committee of the hospital Xie Geng Pin, deputy dean Liu Chenxu, Zhao Junhui, and Hao Fenglun came to the job fair to learn about the needs of employers and job applicants' intentions. (Da Qingying)

(Responsible editor: Zhai Chenxi, Hu Honglin)
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