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2020 Sinopec Campus Recruitment Announcement

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China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec for short) is a large-scale petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group in China. Energy development and utilization, international trade, etc. First-class enterprises need first-class talents, and first-class talents make first-class enterprises. Sincerely welcome outstanding graduates to join Sinopec for a better future!

I. Basic conditions for recruitment

2020 National colleges and universities recruit full-time graduates (except for orientation and commissioning), international students from overseas (foreign) who have been employed for the first time after returning to China and have the qualification for dispatch from the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education , Good character, unity and cooperation, love the petrochemical industry; good health, can adapt to the job needs of the recruitment unit. For specific recruitment positions and recruitment conditions, please visit the Sinopec Talent Recruitment Website (hereinafter referred to as the recruitment website, http://job.sinopec.com) to inquire the recruitment information of each unit.

Second, the recruitment process

(I) Online Registration

1. Use online registration method, no other registration method.

2. Please apply for the graduates to register on the recruitment website, fill in the resume online, upload the academic transcripts, foreign language transcripts, award certificates and other attachments to apply for positions. Each graduate can apply for a maximum of 2 positions (can be the same unit or different units), please choose carefully.

3. Registration time is from 12:00 on September 12, 2019 to 24:00 on October 18, 2019.

(II) Qualification review

1. From September 12th to October 18th, 2019 , the recruiting unit will conduct qualification review on graduates based on the basic recruitment conditions in the recruitment announcement and the job recruitment conditions in the recruitment information. The academic qualifications are determined according to the highest academic qualifications submitted by graduates. The majors studied are identified according to the majors corresponding to the highest academic qualifications of the graduates applying, and minors with minor degrees are identified as majors.

2. Qualified graduates will be qualified and passed. For graduates who do not meet the recruitment requirements, incomplete main materials or false main information, the qualification examination will not pass, and the recruiting unit will send "internal news" through the recruitment website to inform the results of the examination.

(Three) unified primary examination

1. Candidates who have passed the qualification examination take the unified primary examination.

2. Sinopec entrusts a third-party examination institution to organize and implement a unified primary examination. The third-party examination organization is responsible for all examination work including examination room preparation, examination notice, admission ticket generation, test paper system, invigilation organization, and scoring. The unified primary election test time is 14:00 on October 26, 2019. For the test time, content method, and precautions, see the test announcement.

3. According to the results of the graduates applying for the unified primary examination, the recruiting unit shall be based on a ratio of no more than 8: 1 and no less than 3: 1 (the number of examinations is less than 3 times the number of published recruitment requirements). The test interview finalists' scores and candidates will be determined by recruitment positions, and the list of test interview finalists will be announced on the recruitment website before November 4, 2019. The results of the unified primaries are not taken into the test interview.

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