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Fund company raises talent competition

release: 11-15 Category: Campus Recruitment

Original title: Fund companies set off for talent competition, Bo Shi Fund fully launched 2020 campus recruitment

Talent is the core competitiveness of public funds. With the development of the asset management industry, competition for asset management talents is becoming increasingly fierce. It is also the annual campus recruitment season. In the context of the scale of public fundraising and the performance of "double harvest" since the beginning of this year, various fund companies have actively expanded the "talent ammunition depot" on time and strive to seize the opportunity in the battle for talent. .

As a comprehensive public fund company with the largest asset management scale in China, Boshi Fund held seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou in November to start campus recruitment in 2020. The positions provided cover investment research, financial technology, operations, and sales. Multiple job types in such fields. According to the relevant person in charge, "This recruitment event accepts resumes delivered on-site at offline lectures, as well as resumes submitted by online PCs and mobile terminals. Boshi Fund is looking forward to the active participation of the University of Guangxi and the active delivery of desirable positions."

To stand out in the battle for talent, in addition to recruiting talents, it is more important to establish a sound talent training system and a sustainable talent incentive mechanism. It is understood that since the establishment of Boshi Fund, it has paid great attention to talent training. It has repeatedly won the title of "Employer of the Year" repeatedly, firmly motivating employees to become honest, honest, and responsible professionals, not only providing employees with market-competitive salaries. , Through training, systematic support and full authorization, so that employees can pursue excellence in professional fields.

With the continuous development of the times and the industry, in recent years, Boshi Fund has resolutely and orderly promoted the reform of the company. On the one hand, we will deepen the reform of investment and research integration, adhere to the promotion of investment and research interconnection, interoperability, mutual trust, and mutual promotion to form a joint effort of investment and research teams. On the other hand, we will also promote the reform of the market system and improve sales and customer service capabilities. At the same time, the company strengthens the mechanism and culture conducive to the cultivation of talents, so that the rewards and penalties are clear, and a high-quality and reasonable talent team cascade structure is formed.

According to the data from Boshi Fund, as of the end of the third quarter of 2019, Boshi has a total of 593 employees, including 36 doctors, 379 masters and 162 bachelors. There are more than 200 people engaged in investment research, accounting for more than a third, and about 90% have master's degrees and above. Investment researchers have an average financial career of 8 years and an average age of 5 years. In addition, the company has more than 90 employees with overseas study and work experience, including graduates from overseas universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, University of Pennsylvania, University College London, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and other overseas universities. Many people. Boshi Fund always provides clients with professional asset management services with a high-quality professional team. The human resources department of Boshi Fund said, "At Boshi, every employee can get equal career opportunities and a platform for self-worth, and only those who can't keep up with the requirements and standards will be eliminated. In recent years, the employees of Boshi Fund have left The rate is relatively low in the industry. "

The high-quality talent system has created the "learning style" of Boshi Fund in the investment field. Data show that as of September 30, 2019, Boshi Fund has managed a total of 191 open-end funds with a total asset management volume of more than 105.9 billion yuan. After excluding currency funds and short-term wealth management bond funds, the total asset management size of Boshi Fund exceeds 2976. 100 million yuan, is currently one of the largest asset management companies in China. In addition to the continuous leading in scale, Boshi Fund has always taken the mission of “creating wealth for the people” and continued to create good returns for investors for a long time. Galaxy Securities ’“ Q3 Fund Profit Data Evaluation Report 1998-2019 ”released by Galaxy Securities, Since its establishment 21 years ago, the accumulated profits of Boshi's funds have exceeded 113.8 billion yuan. (Data source: Galaxy Securities / As of the end of the third quarter of 2019)

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