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Hengfeng Bank Zibo Branch Walks into Shandong University of Technology for Campus Recruitment

release: 11-04 Category: Campus Recruitment

Recently, Hengfeng Bank Zibo Branch entered Shandong University of Science and Technology to carry out campus recruitment and publicity activities, and had face-to-face communication with students from Guangzhou University, which was welcomed by school teachers and students.

In order to implement the strategic deployment of headquarter and branch talent team construction, strengthen the construction of talent echelon, publicize Hengfeng Bank's corporate culture, and do a good job in campus recruitment, recently, Hengfeng Bank Zibo Branch entered Shandong University of Technology to carry out campus recruitment publicity activities. The face-to-face communication with the Guangzhou University students was welcomed by the school teachers and students.

Since the head office launched the 2020 campus recruitment event, the bank attaches great importance to it, organizes capable staff, establishes special recruitment seminars, and actively contacts universities and colleges in Zibo. For the first time, Shandong University of Technology was selected as the campus recruitment seminar. location. This activity received strong support from the school, and formed the QQ group of Hengfeng Bank campus recruitment and publicity activities to facilitate the participation and exchange of students, and to promote recruitment information through WeChat public account, allowing more students to understand through multiple channels Campus recruitment information.

This campus recruitment seminar attracted the participation of many students from the School of Economics and Management. The staff of the bank patiently answered questions from students about positions of interest to the bank, communicated with them in time, and learned about their employment mentality and employment intentions. To help them take the first step in their careers and achieve a faster transition from "campus" to "workplace".

This walk-in lecture on the university campus further deepened the communication between the bank and universities, teachers and students, which helped more college students to better understand the bank and attract more talents to join the development of the financial industry. In the next step, the two sides will strengthen communication and carry out more cooperation in financial knowledge entering the campus and providing internships for college students.

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