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Huishang Bank Campus Recruitment Information in 2020

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Huishang Bank is approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and is the first regional joint-stock commercial bank in the country to be jointly reorganized by a city commercial bank and a city credit union. Registered and established in 1997, changed its name to Huishang Bank Co., Ltd. in 2005, and officially opened for business on January 1, 2006. In 2013

Huishang Bank is approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and is the first regional joint-stock commercial bank in the country to be jointly reorganized by a city commercial bank and a city credit union. It was incorporated in 1997, changed its name to Huishang Bank Co., Ltd. in 2005, officially opened for business on January 1, 2006, and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013. As of June 30, 2019, the bank's total assets were 1.098208 billion yuan, customer deposit balances were 608.037 billion yuan, loans and advances totaled 434.557 billion yuan, and net profit in the first half of 2019 was 5.011 billion yuan. Corporate deposits have remained stable, and the market share of corporate deposits has ranked first in Anhui Province for eleven consecutive years. In addition to the head office, there are 17 branches and 425 external business institutions (including 1 branch sales department and 424 branch branches), with 9,443 employees on the job. Three subsidiaries, Huiyin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Jinzhai Huiyin Village Bank Co., Ltd., Wuwei Huiyin Village Bank Co., Ltd., and shares in Chery Huiyin Automobile Finance Co., Ltd.

The Bank adheres to the market positioning of “serving the local economy, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and serving the general public”. The business has continued to develop rapidly, comprehensive strength has gradually increased, operation and management have steadily improved, and scale, quality, and efficiency have developed harmoniously. The good social image of "citizen banks" and "small and medium-sized banks" has become a regional commercial bank with high visibility and certain influence in the banking industry in Anhui Province and even across the country. It has been fully affirmed and widely praised by all walks of life in the society, and was selected into the top 200 of the "World's 1000 Largest Banks" by the British "Banker" magazine, ranking 142, an increase of 20 from the previous year.

Huishang Bank Campus recruits employees as formal contract employees, unlimited positions, future diversified career development directions, and training targets for the Bank's various business line experts (public business line, retail business line, investment bank asset management line , Financial market lines, technology big data lines, accounting operation lines, risk compliance lines, middle and back-office management lines, etc.).

I. Basic conditions

(1) Possessing good political qualities, professionalism and moral cultivation, observing disciplines and laws, being honest and trustworthy, and having no bad records; agreeing with the corporate culture of Huishang Bank and having a strong team spirit; having a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism Aggressive, with certain ability to analyze, judge, express language and writing; have good facial features, be physically and mentally healthy, and be competent for the job requirements of the job.

(2) Domestic college graduates: Colleges and universities recognized by the Ministry of Education will enroll ordinary full-time fresh graduates of 2020. The graduation time is from October 2019 to July 2020. Bachelor's degree or above, bachelor's degree or above, can Obtain a graduation certificate, degree certificate, and registration certificate before the end of July 2020.

(3) Returned students from overseas institutions: from October 2019 to July 2020, they will be certified by the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Certification Center.

(4) Passing the judicial examination, CPA, CFA, actuary and other qualification exams, and receiving honors such as outstanding graduates and outstanding student cadres at school level or above, or national level athletes have priority consider.

Professional conditions

1. Engineering: computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering, intelligent science and technology, electronics and computer engineering, automation, mechanical engineering, information engineering, communications engineering, civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, environmental engineering, biological engineering, Architecture, etc.

2. Science: Mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computational science, statistics, applied statistics, physics, chemistry, psychology, biological sciences, etc .;

3. Economics: Economics, economic statistics, finance, financial engineering, financial mathematics, finance, taxation, investment, insurance, international economics and trade, etc .;

4. Management: Accounting, financial management, asset evaluation, auditing, marketing, e-commerce, business management, engineering management, administrative management, human resource management, etc .;

5. Law, Education, Literature, etc .: Law, Sociology, Pedagogy, Sports Training, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, English, etc.

Among them, information technology posts of the Head Office require graduates with a master's degree (including) in computer science, mathematics, statistics, financial engineering, financial mathematics, etc.

Candidates for financial and economics, mathematical statistics, and computer science are welcome to apply.

three, Recruitment units and numbers

The head office (information technology) recruits 70 people, Hefei branch recruits 50 people, Nanjing branch recruits 15 people, Wuhu branch recruits 40 people, Maanshan branch recruits 30 people, Anqing branch recruits 20 people, Huaibei branch recruits 10 people, and Bengbu branch recruits 40 25 people at Lu'an Branch, 15 people at Huainan Branch, 5 people at Tongling Branch, 15 people at Fuyang Branch, 10 people at Huangshan Branch, 10 people at Chizhou Branch, 15 people at Luzhou Branch, and 5 people at Suzhou Branch The Xuancheng branch recruited 15 people and the Luzhou branch recruited 12 people.

four, Recruitment process and precautions

(I) Recruitment process

Registration-Resume Screening-Written Exam-Interview-Medical Examination-Employment Signing-Onboarding

1. Register online through the Zhilian Recruitment website. The registration time is from today to October 30, 2019. The detailed arrangements for follow-up work such as written examinations, interviews, medical examinations, employment, and contract signing will be separately notified.

2. For some outstanding candidates, provide "Interview Pass Card" to avoid written examination and directly enter the interview.

3. Candidates should truthfully fill in the resume and promise that the information is true. If it is false or does not match the actual situation, the Bank has the right to cancel the qualification.

(Two) matters needing attention

1. The Bank uniformly adopts online registration online, and does not accept paper resumes and e-mail registrations; does not specify test tutoring books, does not host or entrust any institution to hold test tutoring training courses; does not charge any related fees, and invites candidates to improve Be alert and beware of being deceived.

2. Candidates must ensure that their contact information, such as mobile phones and e-mail addresses, are accurate, maintain smooth communication, and receive recruitment-related information in a timely manner.

3. Please pay attention to the WeChat public account of “Recruitment of Huishang Bank”. The test schedule will be published on the WeChat public account of “Recruitment of Huishang Bank” 3-5 working days in advance.

Huishang Bank looks forward to your joining!

Registration entrance:

1. Registration URL:

/ p>

2. Sign up for a QR code, you can sign up through the mobile phone to identify the QR code:

3. Wechat public account QR code of "Recruitment of Huishang Bank":

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