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Youkeyijia 2020 Campus Recruitment-Unlock Your Super Ability

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Recently, U-Family launched the 2020 “U-FUN Youth Program”. This project is a recruitment project organized by U-Family for recent school admissions. It aims to attract outstanding reserve talents and provide them with a development platform and management training system. . On October 25th, the U-FUN Youth Program of U-Family entered Jinjiang College of Sichuan University and sent a warm invitation to graduates under the theme of "Unlocking Your Super Ability".

(Poster of U-FUN Youth Program for Youkei Family)

Judging from the on-site application situation, job seekers have a high degree of attention to the Internet and high-tech companies. Compared with engineering, marketing and other positions, the positions with lower professional thresholds such as customer service and sales, and greater salary flexibility have the greatest demand. "Now the thinking of young people has changed a lot compared with previous years. If self-worth is realized, post-95s and post-00s will pay more attention to their own feelings and expressions, and at the same time be more pragmatic and do not avoid the desire for money.

(Group photo of fresh graduates on the scene of the double election)

According to 19 years of employment research data from Youkeyijia, recent graduates have shown great attention to job hunting and renting. More than 50% of graduates have expressed a desire to find a job before finding a suitable rental house. The renting location is close to the company, the transportation is convenient, and renting with friends, etc., and gradually enter the social army after 95, 00, compared with the previous social groups, the personality is more distinctive, and more self-conscious.

The FUN Youth Program is a series of recruitment programs created by Youkeyijia for young people based on corporate culture. It has been in its fifth year. This campus recruitment program provides personalized care to every fresh graduate who has the dream and the courage to challenge. The project also includes a housing subsidy program for graduates, which reflects the talent concept of Youkeyijia-recruiting the best people, giving the most space, and making outstanding people the most shining stars.

"The average age of the company's employees has been around 26 years old. This year it has fallen to about 24 years old. A large number of post-95s, 97s, and even post-00s are pouring into employers, and many of our employees are also transformed from tenants to maintain the corresponding graduates. The attention is not only a way to stay close to young people and keep the company fresh, but also an important way to stay close to prospective customers and understand the needs of prospective customers. To keep up with young people, it is necessary to contact them more and understand their views. -FUN Youth Program is what we think is the right choice. "

Facing more fresh social groups, Youkeyijia always firmly believes that the corporate culture of “Always Sincere and Rejection of Mediocre” is an important solution, and hopes that in this emerging field, aspiring young people will be provided with a platform to realize their own value and let everyone understand Ke, the classmates who walked into Youke felt the strength of both software and hardware.

(Jobs waiting in line)

Youkeyijia is a leading digital "rental service operator" in China. Its business involves "asset management, house leasing, rental service, intelligent software and hardware development, and financial technology." It has successively obtained Yuandu Venture Capital, Junlian Capital, Jingwei China, Haina Asia, Shenzhen Venture Capital and other international and domestic front-line investment institutions have injected capital. The company's current valuation is nearly 2 billion, the assets under management are more than 1 million square meters, and the total number of serviced tenants is 200,000.

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