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Invite outstanding talents to join Changan Automobile 2020 campus recruitment event and walk into Tsinghua University

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Original Title: Inviting Excellent Talents to Join Changan Automobile's 2020 Campus Recruitment Event and Tsinghua University

Changan Automobile's "Boundless, Smart V Comes" Jin Show Changan · 2020 Campus Recruitment Event recently entered Tsinghua University and held a special recruitment seminar to attract more outstanding talents to join Changan Automobile and help enterprises transform into smart mobility technology companies .

Changhua Automobile President Zhu Huarong delivered a live speech. He interpreted the companies that graduates are most concerned about from the perspectives of Changan Automobile ’s “third innovation and entrepreneurship” stage results, global R & D layout, mid-to-long-term strategic planning and talent training mechanism. Development prospects and talent growth space, invited Guangda University students to join Changan Automobile to achieve personal value and ambitions, and jointly describe the bright future of Changan Automobile and the Chinese automobile industry.

At the lecture, Dr. Yi Heng, who had studied at Tsinghua University, returned to Tsinghua Park. Now Yi Heng is a senior engineer in the CFD field of Changan Automobile New Energy Technology Company and an important member of the Changan Automobile R & D field. In recent years, many outstanding talents like Dr. Yi Heng have continuously joined, allowing Changan Automobile to continue to make breakthroughs in the field of research and development. In June this year, with the efforts of the entire R & D team, Changan Automobile launched a new power brand, Blue Whale Power. Among them, China's first modular engine R & D platform, Blue Whale NE Power Platform, also filled Chinese cars in one fell swoop. Industry gap. The launch of Blue Whale Power has also enabled talents in related fields to gain better growth experience.

Li Keqiang, the director and doctoral supervisor of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy at Tsinghua University, introduced the current trends and future prospects of the automotive industry, as well as his views on the future development of Changan Automobile, and called on the students present to jointly build the beauty of the Chinese automotive industry. future.

Facing the trend of the "new four modernizations" of the automobile industry, Zhu Huarong told reporters that Changan Automobile released the "Third Business-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan" in April 2018, aiming to build a world-class automobile company, and proposed "from The transformation of traditional products to intelligent + new energy products "has begun to accelerate the development of intelligent travel technology companies.

In August 2018, Changan Automobile took the lead in releasing the intelligent strategy-"Beidou Tianshu Plan", which accelerated the layout of the intelligent field and relied on the global R & D capabilities of the "six countries and nine places" to create an industry-leading intelligence. The networked talent team has deepened its development in the intelligent field and continued to make breakthroughs. At the same time, Changan Automobile also cooperates deeply with technology companies such as Tencent and Huawei to jointly promote the development of China's automotive intelligent industry.

"The successful implementation of the enterprise transformation and intelligent strategy is inseparable from the solid talent base of Changan Automobile." Zhu Huarong said that Changan Automobile has adhered to the talent strategy of "internal training and external introduction" for many years, creating an international scale of 12,000 people. R & D team, including more than 600 senior experts, R & D strength in the forefront of the industry. At the same time, Changan Automobile has provided employees with a platform and assistance for their growth and talents by sending employees to study abroad, send them abroad for training, and communicate with the industry.

With the continuous implementation of intelligent strategic results, Changan Automobile's demand for outstanding talents has further expanded. Zhu Huarong emphasized that in the 2020 campus recruitment, Changan Automobile, which is committed to transforming into a smart travel technology company, regards the introduction of outstanding talents as the top priority, and invites outstanding talents to join Changan Automobile with an unrestricted professional sincerity. Car Power "dream journey.

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