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Ningbo Dongqianhu Tourism School Campus Recruitment Fair

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Original title: Ningbo Dongqian Lake Tourism School Campus Recruitment Fair

To do a good job of graduate employment, better build a two-way selection platform for graduates and employers. On the morning of May 24, the 2019 Campus Recruitment Fair organized by Ningbo Dongqianhu Tourism School Outreach Office was held in the gym.

This campus job fair was screened by the comprehensive evaluation of the Outreach Office. A total of 70 companies including Park Hyatt, Westin Hotel, and Xinao Gas were invited to participate in the conference, providing more than 700 effective jobs, involving machinery, hotel management, Travel, Internet, food, chemical, information, product R & D and design. It is reported that there were more than 200 interns at level 17 and more than 70 graduates at level 16, and more than 200 people reached preliminary employment intentions with the company.

During the job fair, the venue was crowded and the atmosphere was strong. Graduates holding carefully prepared self-recommended job application materials travel through the flow of people, actively communicate with the recruiting unit, and actively understand the needs of the employer and the position. The warm atmosphere at the scene also attracted many non-graduate students to come and watch, understand the recruitment process and job requirements in advance, and help make self-career planning.

The booths of each recruitment unit were crowded with students who came to apply for and consult, and the employers patiently introduced information such as the skills requirements and remuneration for working in related positions.

The school attaches great importance to the employment of graduates. During the job fair, Mr. Sun Jielu from the School External Relations Office had a detailed understanding of the employment situation and needs of employers, encouraged graduates to take the initiative to provide employment guidance to students on the spot.

According to Mr. Lu Changsong, the director of the Outreach Office, the school will continue to expand graduate employment channels, continuously enrich and improve graduate employment service platforms, and strive to promote graduates' full employment. And it is recommended that students be fully prepared for job hunting, seize the golden period of recruitment this year, and find a job that they are satisfied with. Chengdu Recruitment Network (adnavinc.com)

Editor-in-chief: Chengdu Recruitment Network

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