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Campus Recruitment: Avoid the "pits" on the job search

release: 08-08 Category: Campus Recruitment

Original title: Campus Recruitment : Avoid the "pits" on the job search road

The campus recruitment season is approaching, and companies have successively entered various universities to give lectures. At the same time, various problems in recruitment have been continuously exposed: Some recruiting units require students to provide tripartite contracts in the early stages of recruitment, and some recruited units require training fees ... Last week, China Youth Daily conducted According to a survey, the most common problems are hiring companies' verbal commitments but not fulfilling them, and the difference between recruitment information and actual job content. 60.0% of the respondents suggested setting up more complaint channels to provide assistance to students who encountered problems.

Experts suggest that college students should pay more attention to the recruitment information released by the school, and the school should timely report some false and unfavorable information to help students understand the situation. College students should prepare for job hunting early, including finding out their own preferences, future development directions, understanding professional requirements and job search companies.

China Education News, 2nd edition, November 9, 2018

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