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Three major pits in campus recruitment, the deceived seniors told you to avoid these "applicant traps"!

release: 07-19 Category: Campus Recruitment

A new round of graduation season is coming, and juniors and seniors are facing severe employment test. At this time of the year, there are many job applications organized by companies on the university campus. Some students who have no idea about future work often blind their eyes under the pressure and are deceived by some fake company applications. Today I want to tell you about the three common campus application traps in the past. Many seniors and sisters have suffered a lot when applying for jobs. Students must pay attention!

First, the sounding post name is likely to be a false packaging method

When applying, many students will be attracted by the attractive job names in the application. These names sound very tall, including xx cadres, xx trainees, business backbones, xx commissioners and even xx managers. However, sometimes this is likely to be a "blind eye" set by the company to recruit people when recruiting. These names are probably just a routine, and many students who are pursuing excellent positions are likely to be deceived if they do not distinguish clearly.

Second, the amount of salary given is ambiguous

Many people may find that most companies give a high salary to attract students when they apply for the job. These numbers look prohibitively high, but they're really just a way for companies to attract students to submit resumes. When you apply for a contract, you will be asked about salaries. Supervisors often tell you that these high salaries include performance commissions, pre-tax salaries, deductions for five insurances and one payment, and regular salaries. Such excuses and explanations are actually the cover of companies in order to recruit talents at high salaries. Therefore, students must keep their eyes open to prevent being cheated.

Third, the delay can not be turned

At the beginning of the recruitment, the company will give you a lot of attractive conditions, and tell you how well the treatment is normal, attract you to their company to submit a resume. However, when you actually work in the company for a while, you will find that your superior will find various excuses to prevent you from turning right. Correspondingly, those promised treatments have become empty talk. To put it bluntly, this is actually the company's means to attract cheap labor.

The above are the three major recruitment scams presented by previous seniors and sisters who summarized their application experience. Freshmen should be careful when applying!

Author: Hexi

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