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Campus recruitment has begun! What details should be paid attention to in the freshman interview?

release: 07-19 Category: Campus Recruitment

每年的十一二月份,总是各大企业单位前往校园招聘的时候,而校园里的学生也都在各大宣讲会和校园招聘的现场,希望能够尽快找到一份好工作, 对于有真才实学的应届生们,能力自然不在话下,对于他们来说,缺少的正是应对面试者的经验。 Introduction: In November and February of each year, it is always the time for major business units to recruit on campus, and students on campus are also at major lectures and campus recruitment sites, hoping to find a good job as soon as possible. The freshmen who are really talented are naturally indifferent. For them, what they lack is the experience of dealing with interviewers. Now, I will share my interview skills with everyone, freshmen must pay attention to it!

As far as the current situation is concerned, there is no shortage of good jobs in the society, but for Xiaobai's freshman, it is more difficult to find a job, and it is even more difficult to find a good job. At the time, Xiaobian was very anxious when graduating, afraid to find a good job, interviewed several companies, and finally successfully joined the job. Now I will share with you some of the details you should pay attention to during the interview. Xiaobian's experience is mainly divided into the following five pieces:

First, clean and tidy manners are necessary. From the moment you walk into the interview room, your interview actually begins. From the moment you knock at the door to walk in and sit down until the end of your interview, all your behaviors will be assessed by the interviewer. If you dress neatly and have a good mental appearance, then the interviewer's first impression of you will be very good, which is why the high face value often discussed by people will greatly help the interview.

The editor recommends that you should wear formal clothes during the interview, keep confident and smile, and be light-footed when knocking on the door, and maintain high-quality manners. The words of the boys must be clean. Light makeup, but you must not have red lips, the comfortable appearance is the greatest respect for the interviewer, and it can also reflect from the side how much you value this company.

Second, you must be fluent when communicating with the interviewer. At the beginning of the interview, there must be a self-introduction. Before the interview, prepare a self-introduction for about 3 minutes. From the basic situation, some learning experiences, hobbies, etc., show yourself in all aspects. It is important to pay attention to strengths and avoid weaknesses. After your self-introduction, the interviewer will make an inner assessment based on your resume and introduction. During the interview, be sure to respond politely, not nervously, not too fast or too slowly.

3. Before the interview, be sure to adjust your resume according to the position you are applying for. Think about what advantages you have in this position before applying. For example, if you are going to interview for a sales position, then your character is quiet. You must show that you are cheerful and good at communicating with people, or you can reflect it in your resume, such as what sales competitions you participated in in college Category. If you are interviewing for a job in the civilian category, you can take out the articles you have published, reflecting your excellent writing ability.

Fourth, an excellent transcript can show more things. Generally, when interviewers look at your resume, they will pay great attention to your academic performance, because in this four-year college transcript, you can directly reflect your academic ability. If your grades are excellent, this will be Your extra points, if you also have your student cadre experience on this transcript, can also reflect your organizational ability. If your grades are not good, what other hobbies and bonuses are of course good. If you have failed in four years in college, how can the company dare you?

Fifth, sincerity and integrity can deepen the interviewer's trust in you. When the interviewer asks you a question, if you can answer the interviewer's question sincerely and sincerely, it will make the interviewer feel that you are honest. If the interviewer asks you something, you can't speak clearly, conceal or lie, the interviewer will think you are arrogant or rude, or you will feel that you are not honest enough, but give people a sense of untrustworthiness. In a situation like this, no matter how rich your experience and resume, no one would dare you. An honest and upright person will make a good impression on the interviewer.

Therefore, before going to find a job, it is recommended that you make a folder and prepare all your certificates from freshman to graduation. You can also make a timeline to comb, and then make a summary of yourself. A self-introduction, don't be too fancy, resume is simple and generous is the best. I hope that all the freshmen can learn from the editor's article and find a suitable job.

Conclusion: I hope that my friends can find a job they like after reading the article, come on!

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