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What is the difference between campus recruitment and social recruitment? See how experts can help you interpret

release: 07-19 Category: Campus Recruitment

For enterprises, campus recruitment and social recruitment are two important sources of talent, and the differences are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Different recruitment targets

Obviously, the target of campus recruitment is fresh graduates of doctoral, master, undergraduate, junior college, technical secondary school, etc., who generally have no work experience. The target of social recruitment is the former students who have already moved to work positions. Certain years of work experience.

2. Different recruitment channels

Campus recruitment is mainly through channels such as self-employed school recruitment seminars, meetups, communication meetings, and dual-election meetings organized by the government, intermediary agencies, and schools; social recruitment mainly through government or intermediary talent market recruitment fairs, website recruitment, headhunting, Internal recommendation and other channels.

3. Different recruitment positioning

Students recruited on campus are generally positioned as enterprises to reserve future talents, enrich the talent team, improve the talent structure, etc .; socially recruited personnel have the above positioning considerations, but they are more positioned to meet the current stage of enterprise demand for talents, in the short term Create value.

4. Recruitment timing is different

Campus recruitment is divided into autumn and spring recruits according to the graduate's curriculum arrangements and practices. The golden period of autumn recruits is from the end of September to the end of November each year, and the golden period of spring recruits is from March to May each year; social recruitment is based on The company's demand for talents depends on the needs of the company and can be carried out at any time of the year. According to experience and the characteristics of talent mobility, March and September of each year are the peak periods of social recruitment.

5. Emphasis on recruitment inspections

Campus recruitment aims to select and reserve future talents for enterprises, focusing on examining their learning ability, development potential and comprehensive quality, commonly known as "potential stocks"; social recruitment is aimed at satisfying qualified personnel, focusing on examining their competence and positions Matching degree, professional experience and corporate culture adaptability, commonly known as "blue chips".

6.Different training methods

For new recruits on campus, they are generally cultivated, cultivated and used at the same time, using off-product + on-the-job training. The focus is on recognizing corporate culture, improving comprehensive quality and improving loyalty; for new recruits in society: first, While using and cultivating, more on-the-job training methods are adopted, aiming to quickly understand the operation of the company, put it into work as soon as possible, and create value for the enterprise.

Although there are many differences between campus recruitment and social recruitment, the final purpose is the same, which is to meet the talent needs of enterprise development and ensure the orderly operation of enterprises.

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