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Why does campus recruitment only recruit freshmen? You know the disadvantages of previous students

release: 07-19 Category: Campus Recruitment

In another two months, we will usher in the graduation season of 2019. Among the many graduates, there are many who have not thought about finding a job before, think about what to say after graduation, or find a job before choosing My favorite classmate (I think this is also a wise approach. 1. You can accumulate experience 2. You can earn money. Of course, it is best to graduate directly to find a stable job). Let's talk about today's topic. Once you work, these students become so-called "past students". Such past graduates often do not have full-time work experience. Then what kind of different treatment do these former students have when they want to find a job compared with their freshman students? What are the disadvantages compared to freshmen?

Freshman advantages:

One young

We have just stepped out of campus and we are full of energy and creativity. Our capital is that being young allows us to fail, and growing much better in failure. In addition, many companies value the vitality and creativity of fresh graduates. In fact, many companies should think of this.


Compared with previous students, fresh students have more opportunities and employment resources. Every year from the graduation year, there will be autumn job fairs, winter job fairs in September, and spring recruits next year. So many school recruits are good channels for fresh graduates to find work and employment. Many companies issued brochures at this time also clearly required fresh graduates for two years. For former students, the recruitment information they have received is small and scattered. Naturally, there are no freshmen who have advantages in this regard. (Now more than half of the civil servants need to be fresh graduates, and the former students feel the pressure is great).

Third, strong plasticity (one of the three most important points)

Not deeply involved in the world is an evaluation of the freshman. The freshman is a blank piece of paper commonly known in the workplace. How to write and shape is done by the company. Compared with experienced seniors, they are more likely to integrate into the company's culture and accept the company's philosophy. Because there is no comparison, they will not be very picky about their work. In this case, the company's influence is particularly important. (Finding a big company after graduation is very helpful for your growth)

4. Easy to manage (the two most important three points)

Many companies choose freshmen because they are "obedient." Most of the graduates who have just stepped into the society still hold the concept of going to school. They treat the tasks arranged by the leaders with meticulous care and a serious working attitude. But after a few years in the society, it was rounded up by the life plate and became the "old fritters" in our mouths. Although their own capabilities have improved significantly, they are also more “at will” when facing the task of leadership. (Everyone can discuss some social experience with the seniors at home or already in the job, and choose the best choice to help you grow better in the post).

V. Wage requirements are not high (the most important three points)

I remember reading an article before that introduced that the ideal salary for freshmen is more than 10,000. Eye-handedness and low-handedness have been common problems among college students, but the increasingly severe employment situation has made their employment concepts increasingly rational. According to media reports, the public security bureau of a certain city recruits civilian employees with an average income of only about 1,200 yuan, and still attracts more than 30,000 job applicants, many of whom are fresh college students. Corporate personnel managers also report that it is most flexible to talk with college students about wages and benefits. (As the number of graduates increases, finding a job is a more realistic problem.)

Introduced the advantages of so many freshmen, the following editors will tell you three advantages of previous students.

I have work experience

Compared to freshmen, "a blank piece of paper" is highly malleable and has never been exposed to related content. It has not been affected by previous experience from zero. The freshman's advantage is reflected in the achievement of results and results as soon as possible. If you have relevant work experience, then you can become more familiar with the work faster, and by comparison, master the necessary skills for the work.

Clearer career planning

Compared with freshmen who have just entered the society, the freshmen have lost the confusion and more firmness of the freshmen under the grinding of time. They know better what they need, what they want to do, and what they can do. They will not blindly select resumes after investing in overseas investment, just like fresh graduates. Their goals are clearer, the companies they are interviewing for resumes are more targeted, and the natural success rate is higher.

Three, mature attitude

A mature attitude is not available to fresh graduates. Whether it competes with other fresh graduates or with experienced social personnel, it has advantages that cannot be ignored. One of the most obvious is to treat people. During the interview, you can slightly change your temperament, whether in dress or in words and deeds, show characteristics related to the industry; when answering questions, clear and logical expressions are most favorable. During the interview process, try to avoid too many small movements, and don't be in a hurry. You should think about what you should do next and what to say next.

The editors here hope that everyone will find the right job for them!

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