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The senior will tell you with personal experience! Campus recruitment should pay attention to these kinds of companies, don't get stuck again!

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Near graduation, both colleges and universities will host campus job fairs. Job fairs are generally held on campus in batches starting in September. At this time, many well-known companies will also flock to the campus. Giant companies such as Ali, Tencent and Baidu will also draw talents from the school. Graduates want to seize this opportunity to enter excellent companies.

Outstanding Enterprise

There are also many "pits" in school recruitment companies, and the seniors have experienced them first-hand.

Job fair

I am a 14-year graduate with a major in mechanical design and automation. At that time, there were also many outstanding companies recruited by the school. However, the academic performance of the seniors was average, and the recruitment of those outstanding companies was extremely limited. Looking at the friends around, the roommates in the same bedroom all got in touch, and they have not found a suitable company. At that time, I became very irritable, and began to blindly submit resumes and interviews. In such a blind job search, I finally got an offer from a company. This company is a privately owned machinery factory. The company is located in the center of Cangzhou. It has nearly 1,000 employees. The position is a hydraulic engineer and the benefits are quite good. But when I arrived at this company, I found out that the hiring manager said that the company situation and reality were too large. This machine factory is actually located in the suburbs and is surrounded by farmland. The total number of companies does not exceed 300 people. After learning this, I left that company that month.

Machinery factory

How to identify those "pits" of campus recruitment, the senior will tell you with experience!


——所有口头承诺都不要信,很多人事经理为了能在招聘会上招到人。 A company that has a word of mouth-don't believe all verbal promises. Many personnel managers recruit people at job fairs. I promise you as much as possible, but these promises have no effect, and promises not written on paper are empty talk. Don't be superstitious that if you don't go back to the big company, the big company may also have problems. For example, in recent years, the well-known xx company (interested to go to Baidu on its own) was unilaterally terminated by the company before the freshman joined the company.

对于一些知名企业来说,这个岗位是货真价值的,因为大公司有平台有实力去培养人才。 "Guan Peisheng Routine"-For some well-known companies, this position is genuine value, because large companies have platforms and strengths to cultivate talents. But in many small companies, this is a pit job. It sounds good. Rotation training is a reserve for promotion to management positions. In short, you are a screw. Where you need you, you go , You simply cannot have the opportunity to choose the position you want to do, and it is difficult for you to get real training.

——很多保险公司的套路,当你入职时就会发现和你一样的储备干部有很多,你必须干掉你的竞争对手,才能成为真正的干部。 "Reserve cadres" ——The routine of many insurance companies. When you join the company, you will find that there are many reserve cadres like you. You must kill your competitors to become real cadres. Many companies that need a lot of sales are in short supply of sales staff, and most college students are unwilling to engage in basic work such as sales. These companies have packed this position. In fact, where you go is to do some basic work.

——这种公司经常会在大专院校进行招生。 Companies that sell dog meat on sheep's heads -such companies often enroll in colleges and universities. They will announce at a job fair that they are the HR of an affiliate of a large company. These head offices or groups are very famous, but there are many branches, and many of them are in remote places. If you get there, you are basically pitted. Another example is that some companies are partnerships. The head office and branch companies are two companies. Both the benefits and development space are very different.

——工科学校里的招聘会会出现这种情况。 Priority for girls- this happens at job fairs in engineering schools. The subtext of girls' first admission is that there are few or no girls in the company. Most of them happen in the recruitment of construction companies or civil engineering companies. Girls try to avoid these companies, most of them are in very remote places. Imagine a scene where dozens of guys in the entire project have only one sister in the wilderness.

Students, don't get too excited when you receive the offer from the company, don't worry about signing a tripartite agreement, look up the company's relevant information from the Internet seriously, and start a relationship to ask if the company has any negative news. Polish your eyes, don't be fooled by bad companies!

With the expansion of colleges and universities, employment difficulties for college students have become increasingly difficult. Campus recruitment is the first step for college students to enter society, and it is also a turning point for graduates. Going well in the future The workplace is smooth sailing. Do n’t be discouraged. Do n’t be discouraged. The future is still very long. Polish your eyes and do n’t be tricked by bad companies.

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