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The 2019 campus recruitment exam will enter the State Grid. Is it a contractor or a formal worker?

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校园招聘考试进去国家电网,是合同工还是正式工? The 2019 campus recruitment exam will enter the State Grid. Is it a contractor or a formal worker?

How to distinguish between contract and formal workers? Is the contract different?

Changli Zhipei knows that the formal contract is signed directly with the power company, and the contract worker is signed with the collective enterprise of the third industry, or it is simply an external social employment, which is commonly known as outsourced labor or labor dispatch. The same is true.

If you do financial accounting in the tertiary industry, Changli Zhipei knows that this is a contract worker, or it is simply a labor dispatch, or it depends on the nature of your company. At most, you sign a contract with the tertiary industry, which is marginal. The finance and accounting in the three industries is also an outsourced or labor dispatched social employment.

Cashier, accountant, general ledger, internal audit, and financial manager are basically these positions; the accounting positions are generally in the engineering department or the infrastructure department to specifically account for engineering costs. Go in

Changli Vocational Education

The recruitment of fresh graduates is compiled by the whole people. The others are not. To put it bluntly, you are not recruited by fresh graduates. At most, you are sent by an outsourcing company to a power supply company. It does n’t matter where you go. The salary of employees is very different.

In addition, for the full-time formal workers directly signed with the power company, basically signing 2 times is a non-fixed-term labor contract, which is a long-term contract; if you sign with a labor dispatch company, you will re-sign the contract for you after two years, always forever Is a temporary worker.

As long as you can work at the power supply bureau, it refers to the main business (as far as Changli Zhipei is concerned, the main business of the power supply bureau is divided into bureau agencies, transformer, rural power, marketing, and maintenance centers. These are the major departments. This is our Of the power supply bureau) is not the third industry,

Then you are a regular employee, and the establishment is an enterprise establishment, because the State Grid belongs to a state-owned enterprise. But treatment varies from place to place.

There is also a long-term job training that the formal examinations are all formal workers, formal workers also have to sign a contract, dare you go without signing a contract? Civil servants also need to sign a contract, buy a house and sell a house, sign a contract, buy a car and sell a car, why not sign a contract? There are no iron rice bowls at present, it must be a contract worker, but the employer signing a ten-year contract with you still pays more attention to you.

At present, there is no difference between formal and contract workers on the State Grid. State-owned enterprises have been restructured for a long time. All of them have been changed to contract systems. Each employee who has officially entered the job will sign a labor contract, and the contract has a certain period. It will not be Indefinitely.

The formal establishment you said also needs to sign a contract. The contract worker you said should be an external employee of the company. Of course, you can see from the contract, and the contract you signed is not the same. You will be explained before signing the contract. Yes, whether it is the same as the municipal power supply company or the provincial power transmission and transformation, the contract must be signed!

Of course, those who formally sign a contract are even regular employees. Now the general model of state-owned enterprises is that as long as you do n’t violate something particularly serious, the company will not fire you, and you will continue to renew the contract with you until retirement, unless the company goes down, but you can leave at any time!

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