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2019 Agricultural Development Campus Recruitment Registration: What majors are required?

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The 2019 Autumn Campus Recruitment of the Bank is about to begin again. However, for the freshmen , the five major banks are familiar, but how much do the Agricultural Development Banks know? Which majors are the talents that the Agricultural Development Bank wants? Guangdong Zhonggong Financial Man The Agricultural Development Bank signs up for those things, and gives yourself an opportunity to choose!

I. Registration Date

The 2018 school enrollment registration time: November 1-12

2017 school enrollment registration time: October 24-November 2

2016 school enrollment registration time: October 15-30

That is to say, the Agricultural Development Bank focuses on registering around October in the second half of the year. The online application period is only about two weeks. If you are not careful, you may miss the opportunity to submit your resume! Time to start paying attention!

Second, the agricultural development school recruits posts

The posts in Guangdong province last year mainly include credit and general posts, information technology posts, and legal posts. The annual agricultural development conference will customize the autumn recruitment plan according to the needs of the posts, so as to determine job information in various cities and regulate job duties. It is said that these positions are not necessarily the same every year, but you can refer to them, especially the head office often recruits information technology posts, and the branches are mostly general posts. As a graduate of 2019, you may wish to refer to the job responsibilities of previous years to choose your own suitable job.

Conditions for Agricultural Development School Recruitment

1. Educational requirements: fresh graduates of full-time colleges and universities should recruit more fresh graduates of the year, and graduates who have suspended employment can also apply for the exam. Details are as follows:

Those who apply for the head office and provincial branches must have a master's degree or above, a degree, or a full-time university degree from a well-known university at home and abroad, and those who apply for the second-level branch and county-level branches must have a full-time university degree or above. (The qualifications of local staff who apply for the county-level sub-branches in remote areas such as Tibet, Qinghai, and Xinjiang can be relaxed to full-time university colleges. For details, please refer to specific recruitment positions.) Those who return to study abroad must obtain a degree certificate issued by the Ministry of Education.

2. Comprehensive quality: Comply with national laws and regulations, and have no bad records.

3. Good health, having the normal physical conditions for performing the duties of the post, meeting the general standards for medical examinations for civil servants and the relevant provisions of the operating manual for medical examinations for civil servants.

So the question is, what professional talents does the Agricultural Development School recruit?

等相关专业以及与我行业务发展密切相关的专业,如果是报考国际业务等涉外工作岗位的人员须具有较高的英语水平 ,大学英语六级考试成绩不低于426分,或新托福(TOEFL-IBT)考试成绩不低于95分,或雅思(IELTS)考试成绩不低于6.5分。 The majors of applicants are related majors in economics, finance, accounting, law, information technology, etc. and majors closely related to the business development of our bank. If you are applying for foreign business positions such as international business , you must have a high level of English , college English A level 6 test score of 426 or higher, or a TOEFL-IBT test score of 95 or higher, or an IELTS test score of 6.5 or higher.

尤其是农发行更是银行业中广受报名的单位之一。 Therefore, not all majors of the Agricultural Development Bank can apply for the exam, but if you are in these majors, then you have a great chance of being admitted to the bank, especially the Agricultural Development Bank is one of the widely accepted units in the banking industry.

After understanding the registration requirements, it is necessary to look at what is written in the agricultural development test. Come and see how candidates in previous years passed the exam.

The written test time for the Agricultural Development Bank School is 3 hours. The first unit of the administrative professional ability test is a total of 70 questions and 90 minutes. The second unit is a comprehensive knowledge with a wide range of assessments and a total of 60 questions and 60 minutes. The third unit is a workplace personality. The test consists of 72 questions and 30 minutes.

If you meet the registration requirements, then please prepare for the test as soon as possible ~ Candidates who have participated in the written test all say that the agricultural development written test is not difficult!

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