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How difficult is the written examination for Bank of China's autumn campus recruitment?

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Original title: How difficult is Bank of China's autumn campus recruitment test?

,领取政策性银行资料 Respond to the window: Three majors , receive policy bank information

2020 Bank Autumn Recruitment Group: 311927946

行秋招笔试难度如何? How difficult is the Bank of China's autumn move written test? Today, let ’s do a line test exercise and feel it intuitively. Click on the original text to view the answer.

1. The Prime Minister of the Qin Dynasty, Li Si, advocated that "Confucian scholars" (readers) be forbidden to slander the political affairs of the ancient times and to learn privately. Qin Shihuang accepted Li Si's suggestion and ordered the burning of historical records of countries other than Qin Ji. The essence of Qin Shihuang's order to "burn the book" reflects:

A. Qin Shihuang's violent personality

B. The harsh and brutal rule of the Qin Dynasty

C. Monarchy expands into ideological and cultural fields

D. Qin Shihuang regards traditional culture as an obstacle to rule

2. Confucius was a great thinker and educator in ancient China and the founder of the Confucian school. One of the most famous cultural celebrities in the world. Which of the following is not a famous saying of Confucius?

A. "Learning from the past and learning new, can be a teacher"

B. "Three people must have my teacher"

C. "If you can't bear it, you can do it all"

D. "If water is good, water will benefit all things without dispute"

3. The generation of plate tectonics led to a geological revolution in the 1960s. This theory divides the global lithosphere into six major plates based on certain geological and geophysical characteristics of the lithosphere. They are the Asia-Europe plate, The African, American, Pacific, Indian Ocean and:

A. Northern Europe

B. Arctic Ocean Plate

C. Antarctica Plate

D. Atlantic Plate

4. The following statements are wrong:

A. The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef group, is located in the South China Sea

B. At the beginning of July every year, the earth is farthest from the sun

C. The lowest layer of the atmosphere is the troposphere

D. Globally divided into 24 time zones

5. "Sponge city" means that cities can store water when it rains, and release water when needed. In addition to increasing the groundwater level, the construction of a "sponge city" will also affect the geographical environment:

A. Enhancing thermal circulation in the suburbs

B. Slowing ground subsidence

C. Prevent seawater inversion

D. Reduce acid rain pollution

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