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Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College Holds 2019 Graduate Campus Job Fair

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Original Title: Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College Holds 2019 Graduate Campus Job Fair

Yellow River News Network Jinzhong News On July 3, Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College held the 15th campus recruitment fair in the lecture hall of the college. The job fair was jointly organized by the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Human Resources Department of Jinzhong Development Zone, and the Talent Service Center of Jinzhong City. There were 255 companies participating in the recruitment, an increase of more than 100 compared with previous years, and a total of more than 5,000 jobs provided. .

This job fair is mainly for 2,658 students who graduated from the school in 2019. Through careful selection of enterprises, more than 90% of the participating companies are local enterprises. The recruitment positions are basically consistent with the 49 majors of the college. While helping students find employment, they can better serve local economic development.

The atmosphere at the job fair was very enthusiastic. Candidates took their carefully prepared resumes through the flow of people, actively communicated with the recruiters, and took the initiative to understand the situation of the employers and positions. The leaders of the municipal development zone and the college attached great importance to this job fair, visited the venue in person, and communicated with employers and graduates.

The college has always attached great importance to the employment situation of graduates, and always regards the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates as the top point of engineering and talent training. This job fair strictly implements the spirit of the State Council ’s May 13th teleconference on employment and entrepreneurship in China and the employment and entrepreneurship work of ordinary college graduates, strengthens the cooperation and exchanges between colleges and employers, and establishes a two-way selection platform for graduates and employers. Deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and actively do a good job of recommending employment for graduates, not only to promote graduates' full and effective, high-quality employment, but also to contribute to the establishment of the school's high-quality schools and the full penetration of the province's first-party vocational colleges. force. Back to Sohu, see more


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