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Opportunity | 2020 Suning 1200 Project 18th Campus Recruitment Approved in Full Start!

release: 07-06 Category: Campus Recruitment

Original title: Opportunity | The 2020 Suning 1200 Project Eighteenth Campus Recruitment Approved in Full Start!

2020 school recruitment information updated in real time

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Suning Group

Suning was founded on December 26, 1990 and is headquartered in Nanjing. It operates a comprehensive range of products including traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, department stores, daily necessities, books, virtual products, and more than 1,600 offline physical stores. The top three domestic B2C, online and offline integration development leads the new trend of retail development. Authentic licensed, quality service, convenient shopping, and comfortable experience.

Suning owns two listed companies in China and Japan. As China's leading commercial enterprise, it ranks second among the top 500 private enterprises in China. Adhering to the corporate mission of “leading the industrial ecology and creating a quality life together”, Suning ’s industrial operations have continued to expand, forming Suning Tesco, Suning Logistics, Suning Finance, Suning Technology, Suning Real Estate, Suning Cultural and Creative, Suning Sports, and Suning Investment in eight major industry sectors The pattern of coordinated development. Among them, Suning Tesco ranked among the Fortune Global 500 in 2017.

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Recruitment positions

Open whole industry posts

The 1,200 management positions in Tesco, technology, logistics, finance, real estate, investment and other industry groups are all open and pushed forward.

2. Open full-function posts

All post functions such as procurement, operation, planning, research and development, development, real estate / engineering, finance, investment, logistics, planning / planning, branding, supervision, human resources, legal affairs, and finance are all open.

Recruitment rules

,苏宁内部员工、实习生及少部分外部认证伯乐拥有内推权限,广大应届毕业生也可以发起求推荐推自己一把。 This advance approval activity is a pre-event for the 2020 Suning 1200 eighteenth school recruitment. It is mainly based on internal recommendations . Suning's internal staff, interns, and a small number of external certifications Bole have the authority to push in. Recommend pushing yourself.

2020 fresh graduates

,请广大同学尽快参与,推满即止! The advance approval and introductory activities have been launched on June 25th and the plan continues until July 31st. If more of the introductory students have already met the school's recruitment requirements, it may end in advance . Please participate as soon as possible. While stocks last!

Special Note

1. Can only be recommended once per person

This push, each student can only be recommended / recommended once, please choose the person you trust most, choose the position you are most sure to recommend, there is only one chance!

2. Resume cannot be modified after submission

,同时建议上传完整简历作为附件,可增加内推筛选通过的几率! Ensure that the recommended information is accurate and complete . At the same time, it is recommended to upload a complete resume as an attachment, which can increase the chance of passing the introductory screening!

(Lion Factory Big Lion Brother) Recruitment Push

School recruitment internship Tips

1. It is recommended that students must find internal channels to increase their success rate, including seniors and sisters who are already working;

2. Apply online after successful internal push! If the inference fails, it is recommended to apply from 50% to 75% of the online application opening date to the deadline, that is, in the middle and late stages.

And the unknown trap?

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