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2019 Puning Shuanglin Vocational Training Campus Recruitment

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Original title: 2019 Puning Shuanglin Vocational Training Campus Recruitment

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Shuanglin Vocational Training School Campus Recruitment 2019

Online application start and end time: 59 days from June 27 to September 1, 2019

I. School Introduction

Puning Shuanglin Vocational Training School was established in 1998. It is the "National Computer Information High-tech Puning Examination Station", "Continuing Education Base for Professional and Technical Personnel in Puning City, Guangdong Province", "Jieyang Examination Center for Unified Examination of Electronic Commerce Teachers in Guangdong Province", Guangdong rural labor force training and transfer employment training base "," Vice President Unit of Jieyang City Electronic Commerce Association "," South China Normal University Network Education Outside School Learning Center "," South China Normal University Network Training and Training Base ", etc.

The school now has 6 campuses including Quanda, Quicksand, Dongpu, Lihu, Zhanlong, and Hongyang, with more than 100 faculty members. The school is strong in running schools and is one of the large-scale private training institutions in the eastern Guangdong region.

The school adheres to the people-oriented principle and creates a “harmonious, big love, and progressive” corporate culture, and provides employees with benefits such as paid annual leave, on-the-job training, government-funded travel, holiday condolences, and year-end awards. The school also established the "Shuanglin Enterprise Major Illness Foundation" to provide employees with medical examination and commercial insurance subsidy benefits to escort the lives and health of employees and their families.

Shuanglin Education adheres to the core values of “Efforts to build an educational brand and strive to enhance the value of employees”, advocates the slogan of “Science and innovation in life, education changes life”, and strives to create a dual system based on a system of “enrollment, teaching, and employment”. The forest education brand opens a comprehensive school-running mode of "skills + education + employment".

Recruitment positions and requirements

Position: Financial Accounting Teacher


1.23-45 years of age, accounting related major, college degree or above, 2 years of financial work experience (graduate freshman is also acceptable);

2. Have a solid accounting theory foundation and operational skills, have a junior accounting title or above (junior accounting certificate, etc.);

3. Putonghua standards, good image, affinity, good at communication and expression, those with teaching experience are preferred.

Salaries and benefits

1. Salary: 3500-7000 yuan / month

2. Salary and benefits:

(1) Provide a variety of subsidies such as meal subsidies, communication subsidies, education subsidies, and working age subsidies;

(2) Provide accommodation (equipped with water and electricity, equipped with broadband, air conditioning, etc.) in a good environment and convenient transportation;

(3) In addition to the regular weekly rest days, there are also various types of paid holidays such as paid annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave (male: escort leave), returning home during the Spring Festival, and compassionate leave.

Training and development

1. Training

Internal training: corporate culture and management system training, job professional skills training, professional quality training, etc .;

External training: systematic remuneration or expanded training such as vocational skills improvement and comprehensive ability enhancement.

2. Development

Excellent teachers, teaching mentors, professional team leaders, teaching management cadres, management cadres of other departments, school-level leaders.

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