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2019 Beixin Group Building Materials Campus Recruitment Announcement

release: 06-28 Category: Campus Recruitment

Original title: 2019 Beixin Group Building Materials Campus Recruitment Announcement

2019 Beixin Group Building Materials Campus Recruitment Announcement

Fortune 500 member companies

Beixin Group Building Materials Co., Ltd., a listed company of state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as Beijian Building Material), is a new building material industry platform of the world's top 500 central enterprises of China Building Materials Group. , Has now developed into China's largest new building materials industry group, the world's largest gypsum board industry group.

Ten honors

1.China Industry Award

2. A new model of transformation and development for central enterprises to improve quality and efficiency

3. Outstanding Contribution Award of Global Gypsum Industry

4.National innovative enterprises

5. Quality benchmarks for Chinese industrial enterprises

6. First-class award for innovative achievements in national enterprise management modernization

7. The first global case in Chinese and English by the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University

8.China's Best Shareholder Returns to Listed Companies

9, the brand value of 58.2 billion yuan, ranked among the top three Asian building materials brands

10. Preferred Brand of China's Top 500 Real Estate Wall Ceilings

Campus Recruitment Plan for 2019 (see attachment)

Beijing Headquarters (including Guan Peisheng): Full-time enrollment of 211, 985, "double first-class" college graduates in 2019; pass CET-4, computer level two; party members are preferred.

Foreign Port Molecular Companies: Full-time recruitment of 2019 fresh graduates, bachelor degree or above, CET-4, computer level 2 is preferred.

Benefits (excluding foreign companies)

90,000-150,000 / year before tax

"Six insurance and two funds" (another enterprise annuity, supplementary medical insurance)

Provide modern staff apartment (free)

Provide high standard staff canteens (free)

Staff gym with fitness and yoga instructors (free)

Shuttle available (free)

Paid annual leave (the reserve finance director has another family leave)

Provide systematic induction training, professional skills training, academic training, vocational qualification training

Provide employees with good career development channels and broad development space, "technology + management" dual channel


1.2019 Beijing New Building Materials Campus Recruitment Brochure

2.2019 campus recruitment plan

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Public Education in Beiling, Shenyang

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