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  • 2020 Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Campus Recruitment Judgment: Literature of the Tang Dynasty

2020 Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Campus Recruitment Judgment: Literature of the Tang Dynasty

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Original title: 2020 Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Campus Recruitment Common Judgment: Tang Dynasty Literature

Text | Tianjin Zhonggong Financial Person (tjyhzp)

Based on previous examinations, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank's campus recruitment will also use common sense judgment. In the common sense questions, the content of literature is a high-frequency test site. The investigation of literature can either directly examine the content of literature, the author of the literature, the dynasty of literature, etc., or the related economic and natural science knowledge reflected in the content of literature. In the study of Chinese literature, Tang Dynasty literature is definitely one of the most powerful. The Tang Dynasty literature takes Tang poetry as the most important thing. To learn Tang poetry is to learn the living characters. During the course of study, the education experts of Zhonggong suggested that students should go and see the interesting things of these characters, just like making friends to understand these characters.

The literature of the Tang Dynasty can correspond to the historical stages of the Tang Dynasty, that is, the early Tang Dynasty (before the Kaiyuan period), the Tang Dynasty (the Kaiyuan period), the middle Tang (after the Anshi Rebellion), and the late Tang (Qiufu uprising to Tang perish). The well-known masters such as Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu all came from the Tang Dynasty. Candidates should also focus on the Tang Dynasty when reviewing. Let's summarize the characters of the early Tang Dynasty. The four heroes of the early Tang Dynasty include Wang Bo, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin, and King Luo Bin. Among them, Wang Bo has the highest talent, and some famous sentences in the Preface to Teng Wang Ge must also be mastered. In the early Tang Dynasty, Zhang Xu, Zhang Ruoxu, He Zhizhang, and Bao Rong should also be mastered. Especially Zhang Ruoxu was handed down as "Spring River Moonlight Night" and was hailed as "a solitary chapter covering the whole Tang".

The stars of the prosperous Tang Dynasty are dazzling. We must also realize that the reason for the vigorous development of Tang poetry is that in the Tang Dynasty, poems can be used for official purposes. For example, Wang Wei ’s poems were appreciated by Princess Yuzhen and reached the pinnacle of life. . Li Bai was called to Beijing for the first time and his poems were affirmed by Princess Yuzhen and recommended by He Zhizhang. Xuanzong appreciated it. Different poetic styles of the Tang Dynasty can also be one of the test sites, such as Gao Shi, Cen Shen, and Wang Changling (Seven Masters). Landscape idyll includes Wang Wei (Poetry of Buddha), Meng Haoran and others. Li Bai (Shi Xian) and Du Fu (Shi Sheng) have their own different styles of poetry. Romanticism and realism also differ because of their different backgrounds. Li Bai's poetry needs students to accumulate more. Many poets have the poet's state of mind at the time.

After the prosperous Tang Dynasty, Bai Juyi (Poetry Demon) in the middle Tang Dynasty was also a character worthy of examination. He and Du Fu and Li Bai were also called the three greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty. He was realist and led the "Xinlefu Movement" at that time. Promote the combination of poetry and current affairs, and promote the readability of poetry. In the late Tang Dynasty, we had the familiar "Little Li Du" Du Mu and Li Shangyin. The style of the Tang Dynasty is condensed in the style of poetry, and the style of poetry is based on the style of people.

Example: Which of the following four lines of poetry is the latest ()

A. Difficult to travel! Difficult to travel! Divergent road, where is it now?

B. Messy flowers become attractive, so Asakusa can lose horseshoes

C. Spring silkworm reaches the end of the dead silk, the wax torch begins to dry as a tear

D. The tide of the Chunjiang River is connected to the sea level, and the tide of the sea and the moon will grow together.

[Answer] C. Analysis of the public: A is Li Bai's poem, the prosperous Tang. B Bai Juyi's poems, Mid Tang Dynasty. C is Li Shangyin's poem, late Tang Dynasty. D is the beginning of Tang Ruoxu's Spring Moon Flower Night. Therefore, the answer to this question is C.

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