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Brokers recruiting interns in the spring, the company promises to turn the annual salary from 200,000

release: 06-09 Category: Recruitment

■ Zhou Shangyi, trainee reporter of this newspaper

The performance of securities companies in 2016 suffered a year-on-year halving, and the decrease in the salaries of employees was also a major event. In the spring of this year, brokers have begun to recruit new recruits intensively, and the recent spring recruitment is mainly for interns.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with the monthly salary of about 1,000 yuan that was common during the previous internships of securities firms, Ping An Securities and Dongguan Securities had "clearly marked prices". The former paid 2500 yuan / month to recruit interns, while the latter received only 500 internship subsidies RMB / month and RMB 100 / day travel subsidy, but said that the annual salary after formal employment will exceed 200,000 yuan.

Facing brain drain

Brokers are more keen to recruit newcomers

Although there were media reports in February that a brokerage company had laid off 20% of its staff due to a decline in performance, the reporter saw from the various recruitment information recently issued by the brokerage firm that the brokerage firm still did not have the opportunity to relax and inject fresh blood.

Recently, whether in the circle of friends or various public account push, "recruitment" is a hot word. The reporter found that this spring recruitment, many securities firms are not constrained to social recruitment, but focus on intern recruitment, such as China Merchants Securities, Guotai Junan, Dongguan Securities, Guojin Securities, and so on.

"Securities Daily" reporter recently checked nearly one hundred brokerage WeChat public accounts and found that last year, more than 20 brokerage companies opened WeChat public accounts dedicated to the recruitment of their companies, accounting for nearly 18%, and as of now, there are 34 brokerage companies The recruitment public account was opened, and its proportion increased to 28.33%. Different from previous years' recruitment of brokerages, because the brokerages “hands on” in advance last year, the brokerages have already targeted the 2018 graduates in advance.

In fact, the threshold for brokerage intern recruitment is also quite high, which is basically equivalent to formal recruitment. Taking Ping An Securities as an example, the minimum academic qualifications of this intern are required to be above master's degree, and the recruitment direction is mostly investment banking, asset management, and Internet finance.

A brokerage person told reporters that the performance of brokerage companies was affected by A-shares last year, and the decline was more obvious. This was matched by a sharp reduction in salaries, which caused a dense brain drain of brokerage companies. Although there are also brokerage companies who are laying off staff, most of them are In order to "go idle and stay fine", reduce the number of employees in unnecessary positions. In addition, most of the intern trainees enter the society, most of them are practical, willing, and have advantages in age and body. Under the current high-intensity work of the securities firm, the internship is strong, and the upfront cost is not high. s Choice. In the current state, brokers are more willing to train these newcomers.

Investment Banks Are Short of Talent

High recruitment threshold

After the IPO growth rate last year, in this year's first such large-scale intern recruitment by securities firms, they have shown a demand for investment banking talents. In the recruitment field of each securities firm, they have shown great importance to investment banking business.

However, there are certain standards for the internship threshold of investment banking business departments. Among them, the requirements of Dongguan Securities for recruiting the investment bank intern indicated that it needs a graduate student in 2018 majoring in accounting, financial management, law and other majors. Ping An Securities stated that it needs a master's degree or above from a key university. IFC's investment bank department interns require 985 college accounting, finance, law and other professional graduate students.

From the perspective of internship salary, compared with the monthly salary of about 1,000 yuan that was common during the previous internship period of the brokerage firm, two brokerage firms implemented "clear price". Among them, Ping An Securities offered a "high salary" of 2,500 yuan / month to recruit interns. Dongguan Securities internship subsidies are only 500 yuan / month and 100 yuan / day for business trip subsidies, but said that the annual salary after formal employment will exceed 200,000 yuan. Although the internship subsidies are quite different, for newcomers, excellent post-regular salary is still attractive. However, some brokers have made it clear in their recruitment that there is no opportunity to turn around, so fresh graduates should consider it carefully.

It is worth mentioning that the reporter noticed that in addition to the future career development direction, the graduates who are about to leave the campus will pay most attention to the salary after formal work. For this reason, the reporter feels that the graduates have no need to worry. In the report "Analysis of Employment Prospects and Employment Directions in the Financial Industry in 2016", there is such a conclusion that graduates majoring in finance majors have a large gap in salary and income, which is related to the popularity and influence of schools and mentors, and their own Capacity building and practical experience are closely related. Among them, in terms of financing and capital operation, consulting services, the development prospects are broader, and the income is also quite abundant. The monthly salary ranges from 6,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. If you can enter a multinational investment bank or a multinational consulting company such as Accenture and McKinsey, the annual salary will mostly be about 200,000 yuan, and there are other benefits.

Different from the recruitment of other brokerage firms, China Merchants Securities has launched a "thousands of schools and colleges" college student employment assistance action, internship recruitment in investment banking, research and other six areas, and said that zero-employment families, preferential treatment families, rural poor households, Priority will be given to urban and rural subsistence allowance families.

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