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Xinyang Xinxian recruits 100 college graduates for employment trainees [Time 6.10-7.10]

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Original title: Xinyang Xinxian recruits 100 college graduates for employment trainees [Time 6.10-7.10]

In order to implement the provincial government's "Implementation Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Promoting Employment in the Present and Future Periods" (Yu Zheng [2018] No. 41) and related document requirements, to help young people strengthen job practice and enhance employability, Bureau, Finance Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Communist Youth League Committee, and Industry and Commerce Federation "Notice on the Implementation of the Three-Year-Four-Thousand-Year Youth Trainee Program in Xinyang City" (Xinrenshe Letter [2019] No. 27) in the spirit of public recruitment of trainee youths in 2019 In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the public recruitment of graduate employment trainees, the related matters are announced as follows: Editing source: WeChat hnrsks001

I. Recruitment Scope

(I) Persons with the following qualifications can apply

1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, abide by the Constitution and laws, have good character and physical conditions that meet the requirements of the post;

离校2年内未就业的高校毕业生、中专中职毕业生和16-24岁失业青年; 2. Target and education: college graduates, technical secondary school graduates, and unemployed youth aged 16-24 who have not been employed within 2 years of leaving school;

3, have the other conditions required for recruitment positions.

Application time, methods and requirements

(I) Registration time and place

The recruitment of trainees was conducted on-site registration.

报名时间: 2019年6月10日至7月10日 1. Registration time: June 10 to July 10, 2019

8: 30--11: 30 am, 15: 00-17: 30 pm.

报名地点: 新县人社局就业促进股414室。 2. Registration place: Room 414, Employment Promotion Unit, Xinxian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

(B) Registration methods and requirements

(附件)1份。 1. At the time of registration, you should bring your original valid ID (resident ID card, household registration book or household registration certificate, etc.), graduation certificate and other originals and photocopies, and a recent full-faced 2-inch colorless photo of the same version at the registration site. Fill out a copy of the Application Form for Employment Apprenticeships for College Graduates in Xinxian County (attached). It can be downloaded and printed on the website of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xinxian County. Registration by fax, email, or telephone is not accepted.

2. The qualification review for recruiting trainees runs through the entire recruitment process. The information submitted by applicants and relevant materials provided during registration must be true and valid. Any applicant who finds that the applicant does not meet the qualification requirements required for the position to be hired and who conceals or provides false materials shall be disqualified from his apprenticeship.

3. After passing the qualification examination, the County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will arrange for apprenticeship at the apprenticeship base and sign an apprenticeship agreement. The apprenticeship period will be 12 months. Those who pass the comprehensive appraisal after the apprenticeship period can continue to use.

3. Status and treatment

1. Identity: The trainees recruited this time are those recruited by the graduate employment training bases of colleges and universities in Xinxian County. The purpose is to help young people strengthen their post practice and improve their employability. They do not have the status of staff members of institutions and institutions.

2. Treatment: The trainees recruited by the trainee shall pay annual personal injury insurance on an annual basis. The government will provide 1,000 yuan per person per month for living allowances, and the trainees shall provide appropriate subsidies, which shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard. The government does not approve apprenticeship subsidies for less than three months of probationary period, and the subsidy period is no longer than 12 months.

Recruitment discipline

Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. The information submitted by applicants must be true and valid. Any illegal or illegal behavior that does not meet the registration conditions or provides false information, forged materials, cheating in the recruitment process, etc., will be cancelled once it is verified.

V. Other matters

During the recruitment process, candidates should ensure that the phone numbers left are unblocked. If the applicant cannot be notified due to poor telephone contact, I shall be responsible for the consequences.

Consultation telephone for this open recruitment: 0376-2950307

Attachment 1: Application Form for Employment Training of Graduates from Xinxian Colleges

《新县2019年度高校毕业生就业见习基地统计表》 Attachment 2: "Statistical Table of Graduate Employment Training Bases for Colleges and Universities in Xinxian in 2019"

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