BMW WeChat Origins

BMW passenger, originated from the Chinese version of the British "BMW Car" magazine, WeChat public account was founded in October 2013, currently has 500,000 WeChat fans, is a large number of domestic fans, and has a wide-ranging high-end car owner community mainly BMW owners.

Content and e-commerce development

We push daily topics that are of interest to BMW owners: new car information, reviews, car buying guides, maintenance, owner stories and lifestyle. The articles to be posted are expected to be interesting and useful. The recommended products and services are based on the needs of BMW car owners, whether it is safety seats, oil, fuel additives, driving recorders and Bimmer cultural T-shirts, high-end sports watches. So that you will not buy the wrong, you will not buy expensive.

BMW Passengers ranks in the top 50 in the new car and new media value list, and is the only WeChat on the list of high-end brand owner communities, which is far ahead in this segment. In 2017, we produced 5 100,000+ articles, and 4 100,000+ articles since 2018.

This is an era where content entrepreneurship is booming and the community economy is changing. BMW is speeding up on the road of social media + social e-commerce. Our goal is to create increasing value for fans, brand customers, and users.

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We are looking for fresh power and talent

Whether you like BMW cars, our public account articles, our development philosophy, or just want to be a quiet or relaxed companion, you are welcome to submit your resume.

There are four positions to be recruited this time: car editor, content editor-e-commerce, e-commerce operation, e-commerce customer service, please drop down for details.

Car editor

Job Responsibilities:

  • Independently plan and operate a variety of content topics
  • Edit and write daily content tweets
  • Assist fans in car questions and communicate with fans
  • Adapt to various business trips, participate in new car launch conferences, new car test drives and other interview activities

basic requirements:

  • College degree or above, 1-2 years working experience in automobile or new media
  • Passionate about text work, those with photography and picture design skills are preferred
  • The writing is contagious and persuasive, with creative ability, and the style of writing is suitable for new media communication
  • Possess excellent editing and editing skills and information retrieval and finishing capabilities, strong execution ability, and can efficiently complete the editing and editing work


  • Automotive media / self-media editing experience is preferred

Content Editor-E-commerce

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for compiling content for e-commerce columns such as BMW passenger car maintenance, modification, surroundings, lifestyle
  • Responsible for content operation and user interaction of e-commerce platform
  • Dig deep into the needs of fans, optimize e-commerce selections, try out and evaluate products

basic requirements:

  • College degree or above, more than 1 year relevant working experience is preferred
  • Capturing consumer psychology, familiar with the characteristics of various BMW passenger goods
  • Clear logical thinking, good communication skills and solid writing skills


  • Good at photography or video is preferred
  • Familiar with new media communication, love automotive e-commerce industry is preferred

E-commerce operations

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for product supplier negotiation, product update, sales and after sales
  • Formulate e-commerce marketing strategies, optimize operational processes, and establish a complete online operation system
  • Responsible for the planning and implementation of e-commerce promotion activities, providing clickthrough rate and sales volume of stores

basic requirements:

  • College degree or above, more than one year of e-commerce store operation experience
  • Familiar with Taobao, JD, Youzan and other e-commerce platform operation processes, rules and promotion methods
  • Good communication and negotiation skills


  • Resources for suppliers of automotive peripheral products and high-end sports lifestyle products

E-commerce customer service

Job Responsibilities:

  • Through online chat tools, answer customer questions enthusiastically and accurately, guide and promote users to make transactions happily online
  • Modify and edit product link content, price, and off-shelf products; help customers query order courier and track logistics information, and actively deal with after-sales issues
  • Collect customer information, properly handle customer dissatisfaction and opinions, conduct customer demand analysis, propose rationalization suggestions to superiors, and feedback customer information
  • Responsible for pre-sale communication, in-sale introduction and after-sales service with customers in online stores, answer customers' questions about products and purchase services, have a good working attitude and professional ethics


  • Putonghua standard, with half year's experience of customer service in online shop, organized work, strong communication skills, good service and marketing awareness
  • High school, technical secondary school or vocational high school and college education
  • Fast typing, can serve multiple customers online at the same time
  • Affinity, proficient computer operation, clear and agile thinking, practical and careful work, strong sense of responsibility, can complete their own work independently and actively; have a high sense of service
  • Strong written and language communication skills, able to communicate with customers independently and effectively, and solve customer problems

Note: E-commerce customer service positions are not limited in experience, age, gender.

If you join these positions, you will get:

  • A competitive salary
  • Future Expected Option Incentives
  • The hottest space for community economic development
  • Friendly leadership, positive colleagues, professional team atmosphere
  • Various irregular manufacturer activities and industry communication opportunities

contact details


Micro signal: lijieming403073942

Company Address: Global World Building, 172 Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

When submitting your resume, please attach relevant works, qualification certificates, and indicate the job position

The above positions also welcome fresh graduate internships