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Why do companies like to recruit in schools?

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Original title: Why do companies like to recruit in schools?

Editor-in-chief of the internship employment network (www.shsxjy.com): For the students in the college graduation season, the most important thing now is the school recruitment of various schools. Only when they can find a good job can they deserve the hard work of so many years. It is believed that most students' eyes will be on the top 100 enterprises in the country. Among these enterprises are state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. The students enrolled in the school are relatively aimed at the enterprise, or they are developing in related directions, and the first job has just faced society and has relatively stable stability.

Many new college students have just entered the society, and they are very motivated. Although they have no work experience, they are very willing to learn and ask their predecessors. If a small company is just in its infancy, such a promising future Young people are in great need. Many experienced old employees train these students. These college students are very plastic and have a strong learning ability.

In fact, the cost of the company has been saved to a certain extent. Of course, many companies are very happy to accept such fresh college students. After entering the company, the company will also screen out the graduates, select the best candidates, and then screen the best performers for internal training. In the future, they will try their best to keep them, and train and develop the backbone employees of the company.

Of course, it is not ruled out that there are many such schools, but it is relatively better. Of course, students who have not entered the society will be easily brainwashed by the company. There are too many junk brainwashing paragraphs on the Internet, so let's not talk about it. Brainwashing is not necessarily a bad thing. Many large projects require chicken soup to be completed. There are two differences between enterprises and social recruitment:

Recruitment timing is different

Campus recruitment is divided into autumn and spring recruits according to the graduate's curriculum arrangements and practices. The golden period of autumn recruits is from the end of September to the end of November each year, and the golden period of spring recruits is from March to May each year; social recruitment is based on The company's demand for talents depends on the needs of the company and can be carried out at any time of the year. According to experience and the characteristics of talent mobility, March and September of each year are the peak periods of social recruitment.

Different training methods

For new recruits on campus, they are generally cultivated, cultivated and used at the same time, using off-product + on-the-job training. The focus is on recognizing corporate culture, improving comprehensive quality and improving loyalty; for new recruits in society: first, While using and cultivating, more on-the-job training methods are adopted, aiming to quickly understand the operation of the company, put it into work as soon as possible, and create value for the enterprise. Campus recruitment has different levels of purpose:

1. For fast-moving goods industry and other mass-product companies, it is of course important to recruit employees-to promote the brand and quality of the company, because all the people they face are potential consumers.

2. For "invisible" high-quality companies (meaning that they do a good job in the industry, but because the products are targeted and rarely heard in the public domain), it is important to show their strong strength or style of doing things. The main purpose is to attract outstanding employees with strong technical skills (professional) or similar ideas (plasticity).

3. She is purely important: especially recruiting sales positions, especially well-known companies, campus recruitment can face hundreds or thousands of people at once, such a high recruitment efficiency cannot be compared with social recruitment.

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