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NetEase Real Estate Guangzhou Station recruits editing, editing and design intern

release: 12-13 Category: Recruitment

NetEase Real Estate Guangzhou Station intern recruitment, winter vacation is coming again, do you want to have a more fulfilling life? NetEase Real Estate provides internship opportunities for everyone to join in interesting online content marketing and grow fast!

Recruitment position: Editing intern

job requirements:

1. Cooperate with NetEase real estate brand activities and write related reports.

2. Participate in the conception and production of the theme, support for the rest of the channel flow.

3. On-site follow-up, writing report on follow-up, soft report of real estate, etc.


1. Passionate about the Internet, good writing skills, good at communication, and willing to work in teams;

2. Lively thinking, good at thinking, and often have new ideas;

3. Have good computer application and information search and rectification skills, can be skilled in applying picture editing software.

Recruitment position: Design Intern

job requirements:

1. Have solid art skills and good artistic accomplishment;

2. Proficiency in related software, such as Illustrator, Corldraw, Indesign, DreamWeaver, Photoshop and Flash;

3. Strong understanding, comprehension ability, work coordination ability and creativity;

4. Good language expression and communication skills, with team thinking, serious work, responsibility, solid and hard working, and full of team spirit;

5. Possess certain advertising marketing knowledge, and certain aesthetics and judgment ability on advertising.


1. Design and production of NetEase real estate related brand promotional materials;

2. Cooperate with the implementation of the planning plan and do the graphic design of the event;

3. Design and production of daily art design and publicity materials;

4. Cooperate with content planning to carry out corresponding thematic page design, beautification and production.

Internship location: Netease Headquarters, No. 1 Siyun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (the company provides shuttle buses)

Internship salary: 1800 yuan / month, the company provides breakfast, lunch and dinner

Internship time: It is best to persist for more than half a year, and guarantee to visit the company 3 days a week (excluding weekends)

Interested parties please send your resume to the following email address: cocolv # corp.netease.com (# Exchange 成 @)

E-mail and resume title pattern is: school-grade-name-requested position

(Responsible editor: Lv Yingya_NO4428)

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