2019 (Winter Holiday) Announcement of Yanbian Prefecture's Recruitment of College Students to Institutions and Institutions

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Medium and Long-term Youth Development Plan (2016-2025), integrate the resources of party and government agencies and institutions at all levels, provide internship positions for college students, and help college students enhance their ability to participate in social practice and employment and entrepreneurship, and at the same time to return home The Employment and Entrepreneurship Project provides a talent reserve to attract more outstanding young students to return to the countryside and join the hometown construction. The CPC Yanbian State Party Committee Organization Department, the State Direct Work Organizing Committee, the Communist Youth League Yanbian State Party Committee, Yanbian Prefecture Human Resources and Social Security Bureau decided to jointly launch (Winter vacation) Yanbian Prefecture recruits college students to the institutions and institutions for internship "Sailing Plan" activities. The specific announcement is as follows:

I. Recruitment Scope

Full-time colleges and universities, college students and above, and full-time colleges and universities graduates who have not been employed for two years, Yanbian college students are encouraged to return home for internships.


This internship work adheres to the principle of "self-application, voluntary registration, two-way selection, and selection". The internship students should meet the following requirements:

1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have a positive mind, and a firm political stance;

2. Obey the law and discipline, behave properly, have no criminal record, and not be subject to any punishment;

3. Possess physical and psychological qualities to perform duties normally.

3. Registration time and method

1. Registration time: November 25th to December 31st, 2019

Registration time: Early December to mid-January 2019

Note: College students who have not been on vacation can register first and then practice after the vacation.

2. Registration method

The selection of this internship position is divided into two types: first, refer to the "2019 (Winter Holiday) Yanbian State University internship position summary table" announced by the announcement, and students can choose and choose internship positions based on job conditions and their ability; Directly fill in the internship units and positions that I want to go outside of the Summary Form. Note: Helong City accepts intern college students by volunteering.

Online registration: Please log in to the Yanbian Talent Work Network, Yanbian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Network, Yanbian State Talent Service Center Network, and other websites to download and fill out the 2019 (Winter Vacation) Yanbian State University Student Internship Intent Application Form ( (Hereinafter referred to as the "application form"), the electronic version of the "application form" and the required materials will be sent to the designated mailbox within the required time for registration.

On-site registration: Please fill in the paper version of the "Application Form" in detail and register with the United Front Work Department of the League and State Committee (State Administration Center A1009). Those who have already sent the “Application Form” to the mailbox do not need to perform on-site registration.

Required materials: At the time of enrollment, the college student should provide a scanned copy or photo of the ID card, school certificate or student ID, and a graduated student must provide a scanned copy or photo of the ID card and graduation certificate.

Qualification review and job matching

The League and State Party Committee categorizes them according to the position requirements of internship students, according to the principle of territorial management, and sends them to the county and city league committees. The county and city youth league committees jointly organize the human resources and social affairs departments to conduct qualification examinations on the enrolled college students. Those who pass the qualification examination and their internship positions will be publicized through the Yanbian Talent Work Network, Yanbian Prefecture Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Network, and the Yanbian Youth WeChat Public Platform, and will notify intern college students.

V. Management of Internship Students

1. Practice appraisal. After the internship period expires, the employer fills in the "Internship Examination Form for College Students" based on the work performance of the internship students (subject to the internship assessment forms of universities in various places), and the internship students bring it back into the file. Note: The intensive internship time for students is less than 30 working days. No internship evaluation is provided.

2. Duration of internship. The internship period for university students is generally 2-3 months. If there is a special need, I should apply for it, and it can be appropriately extended with the consent of the internship unit.

3. Related guarantees. During the internship, the employer shall in principle provide lunch for the intern.

Six things to explain

1. The start time and end time of internships for college students can be determined according to their own circumstances, but the intensive internship time cannot be less than 30 working days. If you leave the internship for no reason during the internship and fail to complete the internship task, the internship qualification will be cancelled, and a record file will be formed as an important basis for various internship apprenticeships in the state, as well as recruitment, admission qualification review.

2. The internship students must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the internship unit, consciously accept the management of the internship unit, and pay attention to personal, transportation, food and other safety matters.

3. From the qualification review to the end of the internship, the internship student should ensure that the phone number left at the time of registration is unblocked. If the phone connection is not smooth and the person cannot be notified, the consequences will be at your own risk.

7.Email address for internship registration

Regional mailbox

State straight tzwtzb@163.com; Yanji yjtswzxb@163.com; Hunchun hctsw@163.com; Dunhua dhtsw@163.com; Tumen tmstw@163.com; Longjing ljtsw123@163.com; and Long hltsw2923 @ 163. com; Wang Qing jlwqtxw@163.com; Antu antugqt@163.com

Contact: Jin Hongshi

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(Source: Website of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture)