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MobTech strong intern monks join hands to open up all-round job search market

release: 12-07 Category: Recruitment

Various Internet projects, novices can operate, almost all of them have zero threshold

Recently, MobTech and the intern monk reached a strategic cooperation relationship. The two sides will start a strong alliance from the three dimensions of effect, brand and research report, providing enterprises and campus interns with a more intuitive and higher value research report perspective, and boosting the business of both parties Go higher.

In future business collaborations, MobTech and trainee monks will use their respective platforms to enhance their brand influence and visibility in the corporate and campus fields. It also conducts a full range of docking and sharing at the user group, market resource, and business collaboration levels, and brings more business empowerment and innovation to companies and student groups on both platforms.

Based on MobTech's own stable big data resources and professional data reports in 20+ industry fields, the two parties will further explore and analyze the status and trends of vertical industries. The intern monk will also conduct in-depth collation and optimization of the content of the MobTech data report, and finally realize the in-depth cooperation and promotion of the content.

MobTech is the world's leading data intelligence technology platform. In the data intelligence industry, it is led by data applications and integrates advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to create developer services, commercialization, AI, and Mob Research Institute. Four major sections provide business intelligence solutions, App operation enablement solutions, enterprise-level AI intelligent solutions, data consulting and research services to enterprises, developers and government agencies in hundreds of countries and regions around the world.

The intern monk is one of the core products of Mengxiang Technology. It is a campus recruitment platform focused on finding internships for students. The cumulative number of student users currently exceeds 15 million and is growing at a rate of 35,000+ per day. Among the more than 15 million student users, the proportion of 985 and 211 students is as high as 35%, and it includes more than 150,000 overseas student users. It has successfully reached millions of candidates. Trainee monks have over 80% of the vertical market share in internship recruitment . It is the first choice for campus interns recruiting 250,000 enterprise users, including P & G, Tencent, Byte Beat, Huawei and many other domestic and foreign industry giants.

In this matchmaking, the data collection, processing, analysis, and application capabilities of MobTech's panoramic big data service system have been greatly recognized by trainee monks. At the same time, the intern monks will also rely on MobTech data reports for richer content output, share complementary advantages in cooperation, explore in-depth data value, and build an efficient research report content promotion system.

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