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More than 30,000 Taiwanese youths have come to Fujian for internships, employment and entrepreneurship

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Original title: More than 30,000 Taiwanese youths have come to Fujian for internships

Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, December 3 (Reporter Li Huiying) The reporter learned from the policy briefing held by the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Affairs Office of Fujian Province on the 3rd that Taiwanese young people who have come to Fujian for internships, employment and entrepreneurship have exceeded 30,000, including 535 practicing in Fujian Taiwan doctors and 462 Taiwanese teachers who teach full-time in Fujian universities.

According to Zhong Zhigang, deputy director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Office of Fujian Province, in order to implement the "31 measures", Fujian Province issued "66 implementation opinions" and "42 integrated development measures." At present, the "31 measures" have been implemented in Fujian and there are cases of implementation.

Fujian Province introduced a policy support system for Taiwan youths to come to Fujian for internship, employment, and entrepreneurship. It specially arranged a group of villages to support the commission of Taiwanese young architects to provide planning and consulting “accompaniment” services to Fujian; Xiamen Airlines entered the island four times to recruit Taiwan ’s youth super 300 people; Opening of "Building Dreams First Homeland, Taiwan Youth Employment Plaza", the normalization of the Taiwan Youth Online Job Search and Recruitment Platform is effective, and more than 1,000 companies have published more than 12,000 Taiwan youth internship jobs online, setting up various Taiwan youths There are more than 70 employment and entrepreneurship bases, with 2,074 Taiwan-funded enterprises in various bases and 5,216 young people in Taiwan. A number of government-led, market-led, mixed-development bases are being formed.

Fujian Province took the lead in allowing 52 Taiwan professional and technical personnel (technical personnel) to pass the examination and pass the relevant intermediate and junior professional titles in the province directly, and took the lead in 11 Taiwan's professional and professional qualifications. Thanks to this initiative, more than 4,300 Taiwan compatriots have obtained professional qualifications for skilled personnel in Fujian, 535 Taiwanese doctors have been practising in Fujian, and 462 Taiwanese teachers have been employed to teach full-time in Fujian universities.

At the same time, Fujian has also vigorously promoted the solution of the issue of equal treatment that Taiwan compatriots are concerned about. At present, 16 compatriots in Fujian and Taiwan have been awarded honorary titles such as the May 1st Labor Medal, the "March 8 Red Flag Bearer", and the May 4th Youth Medal. 75 scientific and technological personnel in Fujian and Taiwan joined provincial and municipal scientific and technological associations at all levels, and a group of Fujian and Taiwan compatriots joined provincial and municipal literary and art writers, dance, art, calligraphy and other cultural associations or organizations specializing in agriculture and science and technology, and applied for national social science funds The project has been approved for 22 projects and 3 provincial-level literary and art development special funds projects.

This year, Fuzhou recruited the first full-time teacher in Taiwan at the basic education stage. Putian City established the first Taiwan compatriot medical insurance service center to help Taiwan compatriots achieve "one-stop" health insurance reimbursement. Hold Taiwan compatriot card, Taiwan resident residence permit to stay in hotels in Fujian, handle high-speed rail boarding procedures, make online appointments for medical treatment, and online shopping, etc., and enjoy the same convenience as mainland residents.

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