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Recruiting 441 people!

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Message from Teachers in Gusu District
Now, there are big post recruitment
Including teachers, state-owned enterprises, etc.
183 people! Wuzhong District recruits kindergarten teachers
Recruitment positions
Recruitment conditions
1. Have a kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, or promise to obtain a kindergarten teacher qualification certificate before July 31, 2020; the level of Putonghua will reach Grade A and above.
2. The graduates of the pre-school education major in normal colleges and universities in 2020, who are generally under 30 years of age (born after November 20, 1988), and meet one of the following conditions:
1. Suzhou City University students (or household registration) normal college preschool education graduates.
2. Graduates of undergraduate and above majoring in pre-school education of normal students (or household registration) in Suzhou (must have corresponding degree).
3. Graduates of undergraduate and above majors in preschool education majors (with a corresponding degree) who have received Ye Shengtao scholarships while studying at the university, or won the provincial third prize and above in the basic skills competition for normal students, or obtained during the university study School-level scholarships of two or more times, or students who are rated as school-level or above three good students or outstanding student cadres, or members of the Communist Party of China (including Communist Party members) are not limited to household registration.
3. In-service personnel must have a kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, generally under 35 years of age (born after November 20, 1983), and meet one of the following conditions:
1. Wuzhong District, a registered full-time normal college graduate of preschool education.
2. Wuzhong District bachelor's degree or above graduated from a full-time normal-school preschool education specialty (must have a corresponding degree).
The registration of household registration is up to the date of publication of this brochure (ie November 20, 2019). The collective account of college students in Wuzhong District is not considered as the household registration of Wuzhong District.
Registration method and time
Registration is carried out by online registration + on-site qualification examination. Registration and data uploading are carried out through the Internet. The applicants should fill out their information and upload relevant information according to the job requirements and online tips on the kindergarten teacher recruitment and registration website (http://web.wxedu.net/zpbm/?id=17).
Online registration and data upload time: 9:00, November 25, 2019 to 15:00, December 2, 2019, opening hours are 9:00 to 21:00 on the same day. After the online registration deadline, registrations will no longer be accepted.
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From kindergarten to high school, the park recruits teachers!
In order to meet the needs of the rapid and high-quality development of education, public schools and kindergartens directly under the Park Education Bureau will continue to recruit excellent teachers nationwide in 2020.
Recruitment form and schedule
The main forms of recruitment include special recruitment of outstanding interns of Suzhou University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology, campus recruitment , special recruitment of campus members, joint recruitment (compulsory education schools and directly-owned kindergartens), independent recruitment (Education Center, Youth Center, High School, Special Education school).
◆ Special recruitment for outstanding interns in Suzhou University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology is planned to be organized in early November.
◆ Campus recruitment is planned to be organized from early November 2019 to late March 2020.
◆ The special recruitment organization period for teachers from the park is from late October to early December 2019.
◆ The time of the joint recruitment organization is from December 2019 to April 2020.
Disclosure of recruitment information
1. Campus Recruitment Recruitment information is published in the form of announcements on the Normal University website.
2. Other types of recruitments use the form of unified announcement of the campus education network to release recruitment information.
Complete admission requirements
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2019 Sioux City Foreign Language School Recruitment Brochure
Recruitment object
Excellent teachers in various disciplines, love education, kindergarten teachers with college education or above, primary and secondary school teachers with bachelor's degree or above, unlimited household registration.
Recruitment positions
(A) kindergarten
1 EYP project coordinator
1 kindergarten teacher
1 infant English teacher
1 kindergarten physical education teacher
(Two) primary school
1 deputy principal of PYP Primary School;
1 PYP Primary School Project Coordinator;
PYP elementary school teachers (Chinese, mathematics, English, bilingual science, bilingual mathematics, information technology, mental health, physical education), IB teaching experience is preferred;
(Three) middle school
1 junior high school principal
Excellent teachers in various disciplines at junior high school level (Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, biology, chemistry, history, politics, music, art, sports, information);
(Four) high school
Excellent teachers in various disciplines at the senior high school level, with IBDP, A level, AP teaching experience and preferential compensation;
Returnee teachers in high school are given preferential treatment;
Excellent teachers of bilingual subjects in high school (Chinese language and literature, bilingual mathematics, bilingual physics, bilingual chemistry, bilingual economy).
ways of registration
Candidates please send your personal electronic application materials as an attachment to the email cscflshr@126.com. Please fill in the mail name in the form of "applicant department + position + name";
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150 people! Kunshan recruits kindergarten teachers!
Recruitment positions
Registration method and time
Registration is made by a combination of online information collection and on-site confirmation.
The online information collection time is from November 27th to November 29th, 2019. The registration channel is the teacher recruitment information collection system in Kunshan City. On-site confirmation time is December 1, 2019 (Sunday), 8: 30-11: 30, 12: 30-14: 30, and the address is Kunshan No.1 Vocational School (1768, Zhongchong Road, Jiangsu).
Complete admission requirements
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96 people! Recruitment Auxiliary Police in High-tech Zone
Recruitment positions
Application requirements
1. Educational requirements are generally high school or above. For specific post education requirements, please refer to the "Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Suzhou Hi-tech District Bureau Recruitment Auxiliary Police Post Form".
2. Suzhou urban household registration (excluding four counties and cities and Wujiang District, the collective account of students in Soviet colleges and universities cannot be regarded as Suzhou household registration).
3. Age requirements: Candidates applying for a class A position are under 32 years of age (born after November 21, 1986); Candidates applying for a class B position are over 18 years of age and under 35 years of age (from November 21, 1983 to Born on November 20, 2001); Candidates applying for category C are under 24 years of age (born after November 21, 1994). At present, the various types of auxiliary alarm examinations for public security organs who have worked for more than one year in all auxiliary positions (requiring employer certification) have been relaxed to under 40 years of age (born after November 1978).
ways of registration
Online registration: The registration is carried out by online registration. Please apply for the test from 9:00 am on November 20th to 5:00 pm on November 26th and log on to Suzhou High-tech Zone Talent Network (http://www.sndhr.com). Online registration.
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Suzhou High-tech Zone Organization Establishment Efficiency Management Center
Recruitment positions
Publicly recruited one staff for public welfare posts for the community
Application conditions
1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Chinese, administration or law.
2. CPC member.
3. Male, under 30 years of age (born after December 1, 1989)
4. Master the basic computer operations; have a certain ability to write documents, have a good team spirit and service awareness.
ways of registration
Registration time: 9: 00-11: 00, November 25th to November 26th;
Application Place: Talent Market of Human Resource Development and Management Center of Suzhou High-tech Zone and Huqiu District (2nd Floor, Talent Square, 22 Shishan Road).
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Xiangcheng Tongtong Traffic Engineering Maintenance Co., Ltd.
Recruitment positions
ways of registration
(I) Registration time: November 21 to November 30, 2019 (10 days in total).
(B) Registration method: Online registration is adopted.
(3) Application materials: Applicants apply for a scan of their ID cards, family register certificates, academic (degree) certificates, and other relevant certificates and materials, as well as the completed "2019 Xiangcheng District Suzhou State-owned Enterprise Public Recruitment Staff Registration in Suzhou City Forms and other electronic materials are sent to the employer's mailbox: szxcjtjt@163.com, email name format: name + applicant unit + applicant position, contact person: Ms. Shen, telephone number: 0512-65807008.
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