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Zaozhuang Vocational (Technician) College Holds Supply and Demand Meeting for Graduates and Interns in Autumn 2019

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Dazhong · Poster News Zaozhuang November 26th. In order to do a good job of graduate employment, build a communication platform between graduates and employers. On November 26th, Zaozhuang Vocational (Technician) College held graduates and interns in the fall of 2019. Supply and demand meeting. More than 160 household units and the college received nearly 1,000 interns and graduates from the supply and demand meeting. The atmosphere was warm and orderly. Liu Xizhen, Tao Xiaojun, deputy dean of Zaozhuang Vocational (Technician) College, and other relevant school leaders came to the site to guide and had in-depth exchanges with business leaders and participating students.

Supply and demand meeting

Corporate Information Desk is packed with graduates coming to apply

Communication between graduates and recruitment agencies

Candidates carefully fill in the application form

Recruitment information between graduates

Graduates carefully read the employer recruitment brochure

The job fair was crowded with crowds of graduates coming to the consulting desk, and the enthusiastic atmosphere also attracted many non-graduate students to stop and listen to the company's recruitment process and requirements in advance.

It is reported that the Zaozhuang Vocational (Technician) College attached great importance to this meeting of supply and demand. The leaders of the institute personally directed the recruitment and employment department to organize and coordinate. The intern and graduates provide attentive service and a good conference environment, which fully reflects the college's "employment-oriented" school running philosophy. After the meeting, the employers thanked the Zaozhuang Vocational (Technician) College for its thoughtful service, and the students were very satisfied with the meeting.

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