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Recruitment clerk of Dongguan Municipal People's Government Office

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

Original Title: Recruitment Clerk of Dongguan Municipal People's Government Office

The Office of the People's Government of Dongguan issued an announcement, and it is currently recruiting 2 clerks for bachelor's and graduate degree graduates of the current full-time university in 2020. The job requirements are related to Chinese language and literature, economics, management, finance, journalism and other related majors , 2020 graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from national key institutions of higher learning in 2020. (Click to download the registration form >>>, open on the PC side) This recruitment adopts the way of public interview and merit selection, and the relevant matters are now announced as follows:

I. Job requirements

The publicly recruited job is the clerk of the municipal government office. It is mainly responsible for assisting in comprehensive research, policy research, drafting of comprehensive materials, policy documents, and information briefings; handling official document submissions and conferences, and coordinating office-related work. Specific job requirements are as follows:

Recruitment conditions

(1) Graduates of major national universities and colleges with full-time undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in 2020, and bachelor's and master's degrees should be obtained before July 2020.

(2) Good ideological and political qualities, observing disciplines and laws, upright working style, good professional ethics and teamwork awareness; no bad records such as suspected violations of laws and disciplines, punishment, and violation of relevant national policies.

(3) Passion for thinking, active thinking, wide field of vision, strong comprehensive quality, writing ability and oral expression ability, able to use computer office system software to handle daily work.

(4) Good health and correct image.

Third, the recruitment process

(I) Registration

1. Registration method: Online registration, registration email: dgsfbrsk@dg.gov.cn;

2. Registration time: From the date of publication of this notice to December 10, 2019;

3. Required materials for registration:

(1) "Recruitment Application Form of Dongguan Municipal People's Government Office" (see attachment);

(2) CV (with photos of recent badge-free documents);

(3) Copy of personal ID;

(4) If you have obtained professional qualifications such as professional qualifications or titles, please provide them together.

(5) The above materials are provided in PDF file format and compressed into a file compression package for submission.

(II) Qualification review

According to the recruitment conditions, the municipal government office is responsible for the qualification review and informs the qualified interviewers of the specific interview time and place.

(3) Interview

Interviews are organized by the municipal government office.

(D) Physical examination

According to the results of the interview, the candidates for the medical examination will be determined, and the medical examination will be conducted in accordance with the medical examination standards of the "Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Medical Examination for the Civil Service of Guangdong Province (Trial)". The specific physical examination time, place, list of participants and physical examination precautions will be notified separately. If the medical examination is unqualified or the medical examination is abandoned, the candidates can be submitted in turn.

(V) Work Internship

Send a notice of proposed employment to the candidates who are qualified for the medical examination. The candidates are required to undergo an internship in the city government office during the winter holidays from 2019 to 2020. After the winter holidays, the internship period can be extended through consultation between the parties. The municipal government office will use the overall performance during the internship as the basis for the evaluation of formal employment.

(6) Identification of personnel to be hired and publicity

Candidates who are to be hired need to provide relevant certification materials for academic degrees and relevant political review materials, and the municipal government office will conduct on-the-job inspections. Those who pass the inspection will be publicized on the relevant website for 7 working days.

(7) Apply for employment procedures

If there is no objection to the proposed candidates, the employment and entry procedures shall be handled in accordance with relevant procedures.

Work benefits

During the internship, the municipal government office will provide relevant living allowances according to regulations, and the salary for formal entry shall be paid with reference to the standard of ordinary employees in Dongguan government agencies.

V. Other matters

Candidates should meet the eligibility requirements for published positions. Relevant materials provided during registration must be true and accurate, and must be consistent with the content of the "Registration Registration Form of the Office of the People's Government of Dongguan City". If there is any discrepancy or falsification, once it is verified, the qualification and score of the examination will be cancelled, and the signed employment contract will be invalid.

Write: Nandu reporter Tang Jianfeng

Edit: Tang Jianfeng

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