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219 posts! Xuecheng District Releases Youth Apprenticeship Brochure

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

Public Network · Poster News ZaozhuangNovember 5th today, Xuecheng District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau released the recruitment brochure for youth apprentices in 2019, Shandong Shihua Education Technology Co., Ltd., Xingren Community Health Service Center in Xuecheng District, and Changzhuang Street in Xuecheng District Office, Xue Cheng Shun Geng Experimental School, Zaozhuang 29th Middle School, Xingcheng Community Health Service Center in Xuecheng District provided a total of 219 employment trainee positions.

It is understood that during the career selection period (within three years from the date of graduation), graduates of Zaozhuang Shengyuan University who are not employed and young people who are not employed or unemployed at the age of 16-24 (up to November 30, 2019) can apply. Priority will be given to traineeships for those poor families who have set up files, young people living in urban and rural areas, families with zero employment, and young people who lack work experience. The probation period is one year.

Each trainee unit accepts registration and review on the spot. Those who have already participated in the employment trainee will not be arranged to participate in the traineeship.

According to the summary, before the end of November, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xuecheng District will determine the list of trainees based on the record of the recruitment of trainees. Trainees report to the trainee unit in accordance with the trainee unit's notice, and sign a trainee agreement with the trainee unit after registration. During the probation period, the probation unit provides basic living allowances not less than the minimum wage standard (currently 1,550 yuan per month) for the trainees, and purchases personal accident insurance for the trainees. The trainees are managed and used by the trainees. If a trainee terminates the traineeship for various reasons, the trainee unit shall report the relevant situation to the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for the record in a timely manner.

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